Hair Fair 2011 – Bandana Day

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Bandana Day has officialy started. Join us, and remove your hair to show you care.

Bandana Day 2011

bandana day_001

bandana day_002

The philosophy of Wigs For Kids is to help children feel themselves again. This is directly in line with the RL Bandana Day in Australia. We buy bandanas and wear them one day of the year, to help kids who have lost their hair feel more comfortable with how they look. The money from the sale of those bandanas goes to charity, it’s a tradition we have mirrored in SL every year.

bandana day_003

We hand out bandana kits prior to the fair, to anyone who wants to lend a creative hand to the cause. It’s so funny that every year, the finished products have gotten more and more ornate, particularly with the advent of sculpties. It’s your chance to own a wee bit of SL history as these bandanas are only available once a year and only at the fair.

bandana day_006

Shown here are just a couple of the beautiful creations you can find in the Bandana Day booths. All the money from the sales goes directly to Wigs For Kids to go towards paying for a hair system for a child in need. Click here for info about the hair systems and how it all works.

Bandanas – LeLutka, Osakki, Illusory @ Hair Fair 2011
Dresses – LeLutka, Aoharu, Artilleri
Skin – Laq – Vilda

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