Does My Ass Look Big In This?

I’m guilty of asking this question more times than I care to admit, although I’m kinda backwards cos I hope the answer is yes! Being 5ft nothing and maybe 110 pounds RL, I’m always trying to look bigger/taller…I own 586745867 pairs of stompers and a ridiculous amount of baggy pants that tend to hang off my hips and get held precariously in place with a variety of belts.

My RL pants don’t hang quite as low as these awesome freebs from NV, but what the fuck right? It’s SL, and a bit of ass never killed anyone now did it :P Paired with my all time favorite boots from Sinistyle, the DNA boots are gore covered badness that leave bloody footprints, if you so choose, and seriously appropriate for Halloween.

Another favorite of mine is the Last Rites helmet from Fade Dana. Sadly we’ve lost her to the darkside (RL) but never fear, all her awesome shit is still available to buy…I made a point of double checking before posting, so I don’t get yelled at :P The top is from Paradisis, Jussy and I took a trip there last night, I’m not sure if Ankhari is redecorating, because we only found a few outfits and the top floor of the store seems to have vanished for the moment. Off to rest now before Minime gets home and creates havoc, not only do I have a rotten cold, I just got back from a lovely trip to the dentist and my face feels like a huge melon!

ATOMIC (no longer avail, was a Stumblebum release from 2010)







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