Hair Fair 2012 Bloggers Applications Now Open!

Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

If you are interested in gaining access to this years Hair Fair Bloggers Preview day, then please read on.

Hair Fair opens its doors to approximately 100 bloggers the day before the event opens every year. This year we wish to continue this tradition. We are limited in the numbers we can accept.

We are looking for bloggers that are excited about events such as Hair Fair, that will be able to post press releases leading up to the event, as well as coverage info on the event itself. We also will only choose bloggers that credit all the items they blog with store info.

Hair Fair 2012 starts July 14th and ends July 29th, so bloggers day will be July 13th – please be very sure you will be around on this day, before you apply. If you do apply and won’t be here on the day afterall, please let us know asap so we can give your spot to someone else.

Bloggers day is an early access only event, there may be designers and their guests also at the location during the day or night. Hair Fair 2012 will be raising money for Wigs for Kids the charity of choice for this year. So please remember that all purchases will benefit this charity, so the more positive exposure you can give to the event is deeply appreciated.

If you would like to apply please comment with the information needed by copy and pasting it into the comment section of the Hair Fair blog. The comments will not be visible, they will be held in moderation and only visible to the Committee. Once all the applications have been submitted and the committee makes its selection, we will send a notecard to those people only. Please be sure to have a group slot available after the 8th so we can send you invitations to the group.

Bloggers Day applications will end Friday 8th June.

*Only one blogger per blog will be accepted if more than one apply, again due to number limitations on the sims.

*Extra bloggers may be chosen by the committee.

* You must be currently blogging at the time of application.

Any queries please contact Sasy Scarborough


Copy and Paste the following with your information into the comments section of the post on the Hair Fair blog.

Avatar name (no display names) :

Your Blog URL :

Your Flickr URL :

Link to Hair Fair posts done in the past – whether you were early access or not :


Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

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