How To Marry A Millionaire…Sasy & Whimsy Style

How To Marry A Millionaire

It’s hard to talk about my ladies without seeming like a complete fangirl. I am totally and unashamedly their biggest fan though! Everyday, we stand around on our platform…my corner is littered with garish backdrops, Sasy and Whimsy’s section is full of randomly rezzed out body parts and dead noobs. To the outsider we’re clutter bugs making a big mess. However there’s alway a lot more going on than meets the eye.

We’re in Skype chatting away while one or all of us is making something incredible. Me not so much as I’m a lazybum. But the ladies never fail to amaze me with their talent. This new release is no exception, and I got to see it through from conception to release all while dancing around in various states of dress/undress.

The theme for My Attic this round is How To Marry A Millionaire. It starts on November 21st and runs through November 30th. Sasy & Whimsy have made this incredible photo scene for all your photo taking pleasure. Here’s the full details:

Glam Steps features 7 unique poses, 100% mesh, and 11 land impact, and 7 interchangeable colors.

–The front walls, stairs, curtains, and stair walls each feature 7 different colors, allowing many variations. To access them, simply click that component (stairs, curtains, etc) for the menu.

–To use the poses, simply right click, and sit on the Glam Steps, a menu will appear for you to choose your pose. Also in the menu is the adjust feature which will allow you to adjust to your avatars height, rotation, and position. You can move your avatar anywhere you like within the Glam Steps scene, and for which ever pose you like.

–If you would like to use the poses separately, you can unpack the Glam Steps, and put the poses in your pose stand.

Unfortunately the Fashion Roadkill pose didn’t make the cut, never fear though, I’m on the case! Couture Crisis, Drunk Diva…all solid ideas for a future release. You’re welcome.

Slink Visage
Slink Physique
Slink Hands
Slink Feet

It Girls

Flair – Nail Appliers – Set 57 & ALU Ankle Lock

Wasbai Pills – Roberta

The Annex – Snow Queen Gown @ The Fantasy Gacha
Yummy – Elemental Ring @ Collabor88

W.Winx & Flair – HTMAM Glam Steps @ My Attic (coming soon)

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