Hair Fair 2017 – Most Valuable Players

Since she never would toot her own horn, I’m thanking Sasy Scarborough for her tireless efforts before, during and after Hair Fair. Having been part of the committee for three years previously, I got to see and participate in the sheer enormity of the work and drive it takes to make this event happen. This driving force is Sasy. She will be up for days on end just to make sure everyone from bloggers to designers are taken care of. Mel normally has to make her go to bed, and ban her from Redbull ;). To my beautiful Sasy, we thank YOU for all you do every year. Your heart and spirit are intrinsically linked with the event and it wouldn’t be the same without you. <3

Hair Fair Second Life


As Hair Fair 2017 draws to a close this Sunday, I did not want to leave this until after the event was over, but let you all in on the people that help make this event happen. There were a few new faces to making this year’s Hair Fair fantastic and they were instrumental in its success, and we owe them a huge thank you from everyone involved in Hair Fair 2017.

Anya OhMai :

Over the years Anya has participated in Hair Fair when she was able, and has always had such a huge impact on the event, with her creativity and imagination. So this year when we had the idea to take Bandanas in a new direction, giving people the opportunity to bandana, but in a way they felt more comfortable…Anya sprang to mind. We knew she was busy, and had put feelers out in another direction, but…

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