So excited for this event to open!

Not only is 70’s punk the most awesome theme ever, but gathering from the massive surge of people landing when the event opened I’d say that everyone is embracing the theme too!

I’m wearing some pretty incredible designs for this post including the punk staple of a kilt, given the Narcisse twist. The panties are part of the kilt, so my modesty is just about intact ;)

The hair is just about as close to perfection as a hair can get, get all the colours you can and get them now! The boots are from Reign and come with the fishnets, perfect for lazy buggers like me who can’t be arsed to hunt down ripped fishnets although I know for a fact I have some in my inventory somewhere.

Genesis Lab Flor Head
Ikon Mesh Eyes
Maitreya Lara Body
Slink Feet
Slink Hands

Genesis Lab – Eva

Empire – Claw Nails
Flair – Set 20

Redfish – Dark Japan

Wasabi Pills – Jen @ Rewind

Narcisse – Sidd Kilt @ Rewind
Gabriel – Rook Tank @ Rewind
Reign – Thigh High Sneakers @ Rewind

RealEvil Industries – Dark Queen

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
Bauhaus Movement – Pose (edited) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Rama – No Parking Background

One thought on “Rewind

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  1. Sublime, magnifique et quelle sensualité.
    Good Job Miss Ashia !
    Bravo et merci pour ce bon moment.
    Tony de France

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