Dirty Birdy

Dirty Birdy

I talk a lot about my girlfriends on my blog, I realised I rarely talk about my guy friends.

Chuck is one of my unsung male friends who although looks like he might kidnap you at any moment is more likely to be found getting dragged round a shopping event by me, rolling his eyes at my “omg I neeeeeed this” excitement for the 236235754765th time. The tables were turned however when I saw that Stray Dog were releasing appliers to go with the new Andrea head from Lelutka.

Stray Dog is Chuck’s all time fave skin store. And with good reason. God those skins are gorgeous. I got treated to some serious eye candy when we went to grab demos. Who knew most guys shop naked?!! That store was FULL of naked boys LOL. We were in Discord at the time and much to his amusement I spent the whole time going “duuuude, that guy has his junk out”, to which the reply was “Focus Ash, which tone do I need?”

Payback’s a bitch though when I decided to blog his look ;) He properly got to experience just why it is I spend so much time on the posestand. I’m an indecisive lady, so many poses and backgrounds later I finally got something ready to edit. Here’s to you Chuck, and your never-ending patience, dry sense of humour and endless eye rolling. Thanks for letting me play dress ups with you :P

Lelutka Mesh Eyes
Signature Gianni Mesh Body

Lelutka – Andrea

Stray Dog – Breno

Izzie’s – Yonder Eyes

Izzie’s – Age Yourself
Identity Body Shop – Devilish Brows
CDC – Beard 82

Letis Tattoo – Saphire Wolf

Cold Ash – Tyler Tank Top
Caligula Army Wear – Combat Patrol Cap

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
WRONG & The Owl – Static Male Poses @ Limit8

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