Dead Memories

Dead Memories

SL is being a bitch today, so my time online has been brief to say the least.

I kept crashing in the middle of shopping at The Darkness Monthly Event, but not before I got my bento hands on this fricking awesome mask! It instantly made me think of my secondsupersecretrockstarboyfriend Corey Taylor. Although the mask that defines his look in the band was originally a bone of contention…go figure. You can resize via click, and also change the mask colour by clicking on the left hand side of it.

My tattoos are also part of the mask fatpack, they are the perfect addition. You can choose from black or white.

The rest of my outfit is oldies but goodies, made up of various bits.

Maitreya Lara Body
Slink Feet
Slink Hands

Genesis Lab – Flor

Genesis Lab – Anis

Swallow – Drop Ears

Eclipse Art Studio – Moray Nails

Immodest – The Kennedys @ The Darkness Monthly Event

No.Match – No_One

Immodest – The Kennedys @ The Darkness Monthly Event

Cerberusxing – Sinister Summer Bikini
Moon Elixir – Fenris Thigh Chain

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
Bauhaus Movement – Pose
Antinatural ( Cureless & Anxiety Collab ) – Hydrotherapy Room @ Lootbox

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