The Beautiful People

More Epiphany previews, and this one’s smokin!

CerberusXing have an incredible set due to jump into your inventory when The Epiphany opens at 10pm SLT, that’s tonight for those timezone confused such as myself ;)

Necronomic Mother consists of masks, collars, earrings & horns, with septum jewellery being the exclusive. I’m showing the collar, earrings and septum today, along with the Shredder Claws avaialble at TSS. All the better for fighting my way to the machine I wanna play :P

I have one more preview to come, but that will go up in the morning my time…probably as the event opens. Makes me wish I was still living in Sydney then I’d be mooooore in the future XD.

The Beautiful People

Maitreya Lara Body
Slink Feet
Slink Hands

Genesis Lab – Flor

Genesis Lab – Anis

CerberusXing – Shredder Claws @ The Seasons Story

Swallow – HD Ears

Isuka – Akasma

Mina Hair – Myla

CerberusXing – Necronomic Mother Gacha ( Earrings, Septum & Collar ) @ The Epiphany ( coming soon )

VoluptasVirtualis – Anita

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
RK Poses – Pose
Antinatural ( Cureless & Anxiety Collab ) – Hydrotherapy Room @ Lootbox

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