The House Of Gold And Bones

The House Of Gold And Bones

It’s a Corey kinda morning!

It’s also a We <3 Roleplay morning. My outfit is by Belle Epoque and comes with a bento bone tail which I'm in love with. I was swishing it at Sasy and Whimsy yesterday while we shopped. I'm sure it was super annoying but I had fun :P

The scenery in this pic is actually a throne that you can wear by Boudoir, I don't think I've ever sat in it though LOL. The animations are priority 4 from memory and I like to use my own poses, kinda fussy like that ;)

I hit Collabor88 too, albeit a few days late. I had to have the Little Bones hair, both of them! The one I'm wearing has a built in hairbase which could interfere with face tattoos or makeups, but is easily fixed when you right click on it.

Maitreya Lara Body
Slink Feet
Slink Hands

Genesis Lab – Flor

Genesis Lab – Molly @ Uber

Genesis Lab – Colorful Lashes @ The Epiphany
Cureless – Psychopomp Face Tattoo

Swallow – Gauged Ears

CerberusXing – Shredder Claws

Little Bones – Tachyon @ Collabor88

Carol G – Karime @ Ebento

Belle Epoque – Aida @ We <3 Roleplay

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
Foxcity – Pose
Boudoir – Death Throne

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