Use Somebody

Use Somebody

The countdown to The Arcade is on!

Justice and I are making our lists as I type this, ya know…cos she’s the organised one LOL. My outfit is a sneaky peek from Salt & Pepper at the Arcade. It’s rigged for Freya, Lara and Hourglass…triple love XD.

My hair is by Mina and you can find it at Uber. Total coincidence that it goes perfectly with my suit, I love it when a plan comes together. In keeping with today’s retro theme, I dug into my music collection for an oldie albeit from a different era. I played this Kings Of Leon album to absolute death when it came out…no regrets as I still love it :P

Slink Hourglass Body
Slink Feet
Slink Hands

Genesis Lab – Molly

Genesis Lab – Molly

Genesis Lab – Colorful Lashes
Genesis Lab – Drug Liner
Genesis Lab – Elixir Lipstick

CerberusXing – Shredder Claws

Swallow – Darkness Ears

Speakeasy – Altar

Mina – Mabel @ Uber

Salt & Pepper – Dandy Collar RARE @ The Arcade ( coming Soon )
Salt & Pepper – Dandy Harness @ The Arcade ( coming Soon )
Salt & Pepper – Dandy Suit @ The Arcade ( coming Soon )

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
Foxcity – Pose
Varonis – Noir Backdrop

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