Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?

Who's Going Home With You Tonight?

It’s been an odd week where time has just escaped me.

But I do have a sneak peek for you to make up for my absence ;) Kinky is one of my fave events and this round is fricking awesome. VoulptasVirtualis have this amazing lingerie set that’s rigged for Maitreya, Hourglass, Slink Petite Augment and Freya!! The fatpack is the way to go as you get so many extra textures to play with. I’m also totally excited about the augment part too LOL.

My hair is also from Kinky, it’s by Doux and my love is you can turn the baby hair on or off, as well as the materials. There’s a hair tie that can also be turned off, so it’s totally customisable.

I took off Freya for this post as it totally breaks my hands. I’m so sad about this, I spent ages with Slink Resident trying to work out why they were broken for me. I updated, redelivered but to no avail. Then we realised when I took off Freya and put on another body my hands were fixed. There is something in Freya that just doesn’t work now with either Slink or Maitreya hands, and it’s especially visible when using Bento poses for a photograph. I’m hoping for an update soon to fix it, as all of my hand accessories are for Lara & Slink. Astralia has recently updated their nails to add a Belleza Bento rig, I’m waiting on a redelivery for those. If anyone knows of any other nails or rings fitted for Belleza please let me know!

Slink Physique Hourglass Body
Slink Hands
Slink Feet

Genesis Lab – Molly

Genesis Lab – Tiffany
Genesis Lab – Elixir Lipstick
Genesis Lab – Eclat Eyeyshadow
Genesis Lab – Eyebrows

CerberusXing – Shredder Claws

Speakeasy – Mother Earth @ Spring Flair

Doux – Lia @ Kinky Monthly Event ( coming soon )

VoluptasVirtualis – Eve @ Kinky Monthly Event ( coming soon )

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
Foxcity – Pose

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