Talk Dirty

Talk Dirty

There has been lots of events celebrating birthdays and there have been some amazing gifts. We really are very lucky residents!

Très Chic is one such event and the dress I’m wearing was a gift to celebrate. It’s by Scandalize and it’s just beautiful. It’s rigged for several bodies which makes it a serious must-have.

I’m also wearing my fave hair from Taketomi West, I love how she does her colour packs. Just a couple of days ago I was having a whine to Sasy about naturals packs. Love love love them as I never know from one day to the next what colour hair I’ll feel like wearing :P

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Catwa – Eva

Insol – May
Suicidal Unborn – Xanthe Lipgloss
Suicidal Unborn – Smokey Eyeshadow

Astralia – Stiletto Nail Base

Mandala – Stretched Ears Season 2 Gold

Taketomi West – Brianna

Scandalize – Bella @ Tres Chic ( birthday gift )

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
An Lar – Pose

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