Vintage Fair 2018 Preview 3

Vintage Fair 2018 Preview 3

Tomorrow is the day!!! Have you checked out the shopping guide yet?!

You can find the Vintage Fair shopping guide HERE. Everything I have on today is from the fair, bar the hair and skin.

My outfit is by Sass, which is a new to me store. It has the perfect retro feel, and a break from my other bygone era photos. There are several textures to choose from for both the top and leggings and they are rigged for several bodies.

sass-[toni]-coming to the Vintage Fair...

My makeup is by Leluck and MJN respectively. I spoke about MJN the other day, can’t take the gloss off LOL. Leluck made my liner, which is also pinup perfection! I’ll update this post with their ads as they become available.

My tattoo is by Endless Pain, who was already a firm fave of mine. No ad yet for this one, but as my outfit doesn’t cover too much of it up I’m sure you’ll forgive me :P

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Catwa – Eva

MJN – Decades Gloss @ Vintage Fair ( coming soon )
Leluck – Pinup Liner @ Vintage Fair ( coming soon )

Empire – Coffin Nails
Cazimi – Moon Manicure @ Vintage Fair ( coming soon )

Endless Pain Tattoos – Tara @ Vintage Fair ( coming soon )

Truth – Lady

Lenore – Cleo Pin Up Choker @ Vintage Fair ( coming soon )

Sass – Toni @ Vintage Fair ( coming soon )

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
Foxcity – Pose

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