Stranger Than Kindness

Stranger Than Kindness

Taking a bit of a departure from all things vintage for a post or 2.

It started with this amazing outfit by Glutz which you can find at We <3 Roleplay. I didn't feel very assasiny though, I was feeling more elf/pixie LOL. So off I went to The Plastik, wanting a skin from there but not really sure of which one. I've blogged one their collab skins a few times, but that one was silver and very pale and well I need a new one…no judging ;)

I tried on a few, but then I saw this one! Perfect perfect perfect. At 1500L it’s quite the outlay, but what you get in the pack is amazing as I’ve mentioned before. You get 3 eyebrow shapers, Belleza body and nail appliers, Bentbox appliers, 3 types of eyes both mesh and baked on layers, Catwa, Genesis Lab, Lelutka, Visage, and Omega head appliers, 5 makeup appliers, Slink body and nails appliers, Maitreya body and nails appliers, Omega full body appliers and Uni ears appliers, baked on mesh layers for the skin and makeups. Phew! I was skyping with Sasy while demoing and saying it reminded me of old skin releases when you got a folder with 48352487624964386 options. Just insane how big releases used to be. The work that went into it was phenomenal that you would even be in awe of the naming of each individual component in the folder.

I’m wearing newwww ears today. I saw on the Plastik ad that her ears had the same texture as the skin, then saw the ear appliers in the folder and off I went to Market Place. I chose the elf nub ears by Uni, but they have several different kinds. There is a link in the pack that will take you to an instruction page for both the ears and the hud. You have so many options it’s incredible but the real selling point for me was the perfect match I got with the appliers, so my markings went from head to toe. I love all my other ears too, but I’m totally crap when it comes to matching skin tones LOL.

My eyes are a rare I won from a gacha at Aisling last year. If you look closely I have 2 pupils, they are fricking awesome XD. They also fit perfectly with my head first try which was a plus as I also suck at editing :P

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Catwa – Eva

The Plastik – Farore Skin Denetha

Aisling – Satrinah Demon Eyes RARE

Soul – Uni Ears

TaketomiWest – Brianna

Glutz – Assasin @ We <3 Roleplay

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
La Baguette – Pose

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