I’m Not Done

I'm Not Done

Soooooo sleepy!

I’ve got a preview and some yummies from Collabor88’s birthday round. The preview is for ROMP which starts on the 11th. Asteroid Box is already a firm fave as they rig for Slink Petite, as well as all the other bodies I love. I’m wearing Freya today as my boobs in this bodysuit were too hot not to show ;) You can get a ton of solid colours and the fatpack of those which includes 11 textures. There are also 2 mini fatpacks which are great value.

This hair. It was the reason I wanted to get into Collabor88 as soon as it opened LOL. It is of course by Little Bones, who I love anyway, but this hair is life. It’s just incredible. Buy it in as many colours as you can XD.

Azoury is another firm fave of mine. The litre butterfly on my face is by them for Collabor88. There is also one that attaches to the other side of my face, but it kinda got lost in my hair so I took it off. You can resize them via click or there are versions in the pack you can manually edit. They’re so beautiful, I spent a lot of last night just zooming in on them. I really want to do a super close up shot of them, I’m just waiting for a skin post :P

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Genus Project – Bento Mocap ( coming soon )

Genus Project – Nataly

Mandala – Stretched Ears Season 2 Gold

Little Bones – Poison @ Collabor88

Asteroid Box – Volans Body Suit @ ROMP ( coming soon )

VoluptasVirtualis – Belladonna Collar
Azoury – Endless Butterfly @ Collabor88

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
An Lar – Pose
Minimal – Redfield Backdrop

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