My Plague

My Plague

Exciting newness today!

Firstly, Lelutka’s new facial pose hud. It is amazing! For a full rundown on how it works, read HERE. Let’s just say you can edit just about anything on your face pose wise, aaaaaand you can also use it on other models if you’re doing a group shot. Pretty fucking awesome I say ;) The best bit is you can use it in conjunction with other poses as I have here with my trap from CerberXing. I’ve had that in my inv for forever but it never quite worked on my Lelutka heads, although it looked awesome on my Catwa heads. But with Axis, I could tweak to my hearts content which is why this post is coming tonight instead of my usual 5am offerings :P

More on the trap. There are several versions included from plain to drooling or bleeding. I love all the versions but of course the bleeding one has a special place in my black heart ;)

My skin is by Glam Affair and it’s at Kustom9. It has amazing eyebrows but for this look I turned them off. If you’re a fan of thick brows this is a must-have.

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Lelutka – Cate

Glam Affair – Emily II @ Kustom9
Suicidal Unborn – Nosebleed

Mandala – Stretched Ears Season 2 Gold

.Shi – Gav’riela

CerberusXing – STFU Trap
VoulptasVirtualis – Ferone Collar

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
Manifeste – Body Pose
Lelutka – Axis Facial Hud

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