We are heading into the last day of ROMP shopping!

It’s been an amazing round. Have you grabbed all the goodies you wanted? This amazing set by Sweet Thing is one of those goodies that is too awesome to pass up. You get a huge saving on the fatpack as each piece individually runs between 400L & 600L. You can change just about everything texture wise via a hud and it’s rigged for Isis, Freya, Hourglass & Lara. The tail also comes with a static pose hud, so you can have it visible no matter what your AO or pose is doing, pretty nifty eh?!

My teen is a huge X Factor fan, and usually I don’t pay attention at all lol. But when I heard this version of one of my favie Radiohead songs a couple of years ago I have to say I was a bit swoony. It had pretty much everything I love rolled into one 3 minute clip, the broken doll imagery just perfection. So the song was my soundtrack for this pic, I’m sure I’ll revisit it to do a more doll inspired shot, because who am I to resist :P

Clothes wise, I’m wearing some oldies that are loveloves. The corset especially is a huge fave, I fatpacked it at the time because the amount of textures was just awesome. It is of course by VoluptasVirtualis and you can find it at their mainstore.


Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Genus Project – Bento Mocap ( beta available now!! Gogogogooo )

The Skinnery – Mycha @ Shiny Shabby
Suicidal Unborn – Nosebleed

Mandala – Stretched Ears Season 2 Gold

The Skinnery – Omega Skin Applier Fit

TaketomiWest – Vanessa

CerberuXing – Vermin
Miss Chelsea – Thea Nipple Piercings
Sweet Thing – Succubus Horns, Wings, Tail, Claws & Hooves @ ROMP

VoluptasVirtualis – Lise Corset
Mossu – Lilith Panties (Part of a rare Lootbox)

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
Foxcity – Pose

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