No Jesus Christ

No Jesus Christ

Tis the season to be bloody…so said someone wise in my Discord last night.

October is my favourite month of the year, I get a chance to indulge enough bloodlust to satisfy my black soul. I’m showing previews from 2 of the big October events, Salem and The Dark Style Fair. I’ll start with Salem as it opens tomorrow.

Salt & Pepper have outdone themselves with the Bloody Mary set. It even has Holy Water you use to clean the blood off, I avoided that at all costs obvs, not wanting to spontaneously combust while doing a picture ;) The full details are as follows :


The S&P blood Fountain reacts with the S&P Bloody Mary outfit (and more to come)

collide with the fountain to get blood splashed!

you can click the blood stream on and off.
The interactivity will remain in both stages

Fountain price: 199 LS


The item is blood sensitive. You can collide with the S&P blood fountain and you will get splashed with blood and drip.
By default. it will take 90 seconds for it to magically be clean again or you can drink the included holy water to clean yourself instantly


set your own cleaning time via the included HUD. click “set drying time” and enter the seconds you wish the look to stay between the 2 stages.
Example: if you set 20 sec, it will take 20 sec from blood stained to clean

Click “always blood stained” to keep the blood look. it will not clean anymore at all

Set to “interactive” , to make it react to the S&P Blood Fountain

Yup I copied that off the notecard :P It explains it all better than I could as I’m still inhaling caffeine.

The Dark Style Fair 6 “Bloody Hell” opens on the 1st October and runs till the 31st. My beautiful makeup is by Lychee for the event. It was perfect timing as that popped into my inventory just as I was setting up to take this picture. It’s Omega so will fit any head perfectly, and as it applies to the blush layer you can add loads of other stuff on top of it.

I’ll have loads more previews coming in the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Genus Project – Bento Mocap ( beta available now!! Gogogogooo )

Genus Project – Bento Applier
Genus Project – Jessica Lipstick ( Tinted via the hud )
Lychee – The Heratic @ TDSF6 ( coming soon )
The White Crow – Shattered

Salt & Pepper – Bloody Mary @ Salem ( coming soon )

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
La Baguette – Pose ( edited )

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