Tied My Hands

Tied My Hands

Today’s title has nothing to do with the picture, I was just listening to this acoustic set by Seether and the song struck a cord. It’s a metaphorical tying of hands of course which could apply if I was stuck in space with one arm :P

The corset I’m wearing inspired my post, it’s by Ghoul and you can find it at The Black Fair. There’s loads of colours to choose from, I was especially feeling the Teal though. It’s rigged for Belleza or Lara, it doesn’t come with panties, I just grabbed my Sn@tch appliers so there was no clipping issues. It was only after I processed the shot that I realised I had put them on the wrong layer and taken the tattoo off my legs LOL.

A couple of my accessories are from Neurolab, who do an incredible range of cyber inspired stuff. I went a bit nuts in their Marketplace store a few months ago but then promptly forgot what I’d bought until I was plundering my inventory for the post.

My arm is the tits! It’s by Azoury and it’s rigged for Hourglass and Lara, but worked for the pic with Freya. If I was out and about, I’d throw on my Hourglass. It is amazing, as is all stuff by Azoury. It comes in a fatpack with black and white leather options.

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Genus Project – Bento Mocap ( beta available now!! Gogogogooo )

Genus Project – Elena 12 @ The Arcade
Suicidal Unborn – Dagger Lipstick @ The Dark Style Fair

Cureless – Transangelism

Izzie’s – Baby Hairbase
Foxy – Mai

Ghoul – Sango Corset @ The Black Fair
Sn@tch – Queen Bitch Panties

Genus Project – Jessica Piercings RARE
Neurolab Inc – CR-3 Collar
Neurolab Inc – Sensiva Nipples
Azoury – Ephese Arm

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
La Baguette – Pose ( edited )

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