The Sky Is Fallin’

The Sky Is Fallin'

I’m slowly catching up on posts after the great flu epidemic of 2019 ;)

Loads of new events popped up in my short absence one of which is Soiree, brought to you by the Collabor88 bods. The Skinnery has a new applier called Tzuyu at the event. It was based on the Genus Baby Face, but I’m wearing it on the Classic Face here and it looks perfect.

I just wanted to talk quickly about eyes too and the Genus heads. There is a known bug that if wearing the Genus eyes, they kinda roll around in your head unless you freeze them. But they unfreeze as soon as you move, so to combat that, I’m wearing unrigged eyes attached to my nose. It also fixes the issue of the eyes being too deep set in the head. If you wear unrigged eyes, you can position them exactly as you need them. This issue is on the list of fixes for the next update, so the Genus team are aware of it.

My hair is so cool!! It’s by Entwined and you can grab it at Shiny Shabby. I got the Variety pack as I can never decide what hair colour I want to wear XD. You also have several texture options for the hat so you can be all matchy matchy.

My beautiful cardigan is by Miss Chelsea, you can find it at Uber in loads of cool colours. It’s rigged for all the mesh bodies which is lovely and there is also a very sexy dress available to go underneath it.

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Genus Project – Genus Head Classic Face W001

The Skinnery – Tzuyu @ Soiree
Deetalez – Genus Freckles

Entwined – Nina @ Shiny Shabby

Coco – Loose Tank Top
Miss Chelsea – Ines Cardi @ Uber

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
The Owl – Pose

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