So Cold

So Cold

Just a quick post today!

Seeing as I’m in the nudie rudie and there isn’t much to credit, quick won’t be an issue ;) It’s all about the skin and the brows! Neave by Mila has the perfect insta brows that my teen spends hours in the mirror trying to achieve, not even making that up LOL. I’m wearing the light tone here, with the older body appliers. If you have Rachel by Mila, that matches the newer body appliers as will future releases.

My hair is new, by Doux from the Dubai event. I’m enjoying this whole fatpack in one purchase business XD. I’m also wearing one of the Genus hairbases by Izzie’s, which are a huge love because even though they have epic baby hairs they only use the hairbase layer. That leaves you loads of other layers to play with as I have here, adding freckles and liner.

My collar is an old gacha by CerberusXing that is a goto if my neck is posed weirdly as it’s unrigged.

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Genus Project – Genus Head Classic Face W001

Mila – Neave
Suicidal Unborn – Essential Eyeliner
Deetalez – Genus Freckles

Izzie’s – Genus Hairbase
Doux – Babyrose @ Dubai

CerberusXing – Sinister Summer Collar

Foxcity – Flutter Photo Booth @ Collabor88
La Baguette – Pose

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