I’ve been doing lots of shopping in the last couple of days having been in a skin bubble on my platform for the last two weeks!

So many events to catch up on and seriously not enough time XD. The majority of my look is from We <3 Role-Play with some bits thrown in from Access, Collabor88 & Kustom9 and of course Skin Fair 2019.

I'm super excited about my ears by Swallow. Not only are they super cute buuuut they came with an incredible beta hud so you can match your fave skins. This is so cool because I fail at picking skin tones on attachments, then when I change my lighting to take a pic what matched in one windlight looks totally different in another. The skin stores and tones supported at the moment are as follows:
▶ Deetalez: Nordic, Celtic, Mixedtype, Mediterranean, European, Eastern, Ebony;
▶ L'Etre: Ivory, Pearl, Cotton, Buttermilk, Golden, Sandy, Chocolata, Sienna, Azabache;
▶ Insol: Snow, Milk, Creme, Peach, Cinammon, Tanned, Honey, Chocolate, Ebony;
▶ Pumec: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November December;
▶ The Skinnery: Snow, Sorbet, Milk, Peach, Champagne, Honey, Mocca, Toffee, Bronze, Brownie, Ebony.
▶ Not Found: Sorbet, Milk, Peach, Champagne, Honey, Mocca, Toffee, Bronze, Brownie, Ebony.

● MALE ●
▶ L'Etre: Pearl, Cotton, Buttermilk, Golden, Sandy, Chocolata, Sienna, Azabache;
▶ Stray Dog : Tone 01, Tone 02, Tone 03, Tone 04, Tone 05, Tone 06, Tone 07, Tone 08, Tone 09, Tone 10;
▶ Not Found: Pale, Ruddy, Medium, Hinti, Tan, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown.

Totally pasted that from the notecard that came with :P It just so happened I was wearing the new Skinnery skin for Lelutka that you can find at Access so it was perfect timing ;)

I'm also excited about my hair. It's rigged to be very close to your scalp, and yes your ears are meant to stick out of it. Seeing as I had brand new ears to show off, Elegy by Tableau Vivant also came along at the perfect time.

My tattoo by This Is Wrong got me in the fantasy mood, as did my outfit by Salt & Pepper. It's 25% off for the duration of We <3 Role-Play so if you hurry you can get an awesome bargain.

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Lelutka – Korina 3.3 @ Skin Fair 2019

The Skinnery – Michele @ Access
Zibska – Themis Makeup @ We <3 Role-Play

Swallow – Pixie Pop Ears @ Kustom9

This Is Wrong – Mythical @ We <3 Role-Play

Tableau Vivant – Elegy @ Collabor88

Salt & Pepper – Lilian @ We <3 Role-Play

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
La Baguette – Pose

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