Huge review post today, pic heavy so grab a coffee!

So I’m a sucker for heads, I love to try out new ones and end up playing with them for days on end. Logo have been making bento heads for a long while. I first tried them during last year’s Skin Fair, but never ended up blogging them. However, now is the perfect time to dive in to a new Logo head as they have recently released the first of the next generation bento heads.

If you pop over to Uber, you can grab the new Mae head for a super bargain price. It includes the universal Customisation HUD which would usually be a separate purchase.

Before we get into the in-depth HUD business, on unboxing you need to attach both the HUD shown above and the installer HUD. The head is also Omega ready, just grab the HUD from MP.

Installer HUD

Once you hit Install All The options will show up in your Customisation HUD and you can start playing with the options.

Customisation HUD Page 1

Page 1 is where all your customisations will show up, also your skin choices. As you can see, I have installed a couple of The Skinnery tones. You can grab this skin at Uber, it’s right next to the Logo booth ;) This page is where you can play with the enhanced makeup options which are just amazing.

Customisation HUD Page 2

Page 2 is where you can tint all the things, sort your alpha out, change lashes, hide or show your ears and customise your neck.

Customisation HUD Page 3

Page 3 is where you can save your customisations. Very easy to use just click to save, click and hold to clear.

Customisation HUD Page 4

Page 4 is where you will find settings and help. If you’re like me, this page will be very important :P

Animations HUD

Your head comes with a whole heap of animations, expressions, and a neutral AO. I don’t really use animations but I had a quick play with the ones here. This HUD is where you can lock your eyes and turn blink on and off. They’re the features I use most often as I spend the majority of my SL time taking pics LOL.

I’m still working out how to best maximise the layers, I know there are some serious layers experts out there but I’m not one of them! I found with my freckles for example, they applied over my eyebrows when using certain appliers. I’m sure it’s just a case of me applying wrong XD.

I think though, for a new resident or an older resident looking to get into bento bits, this is an excellent starter. Everything is very thoroughly explained and easy to understand. The price is a steal too, love a good bargain!

Belleza Freya Body
Belleza Bento Hands

Logo – Mae @ Uber

The Skinnery – Anne @ Uber
The Plastik – Freckles ( comes with all their skin packs, not sure if they’re available separately )

Doux – Isabela

RKKN – Stefania Poet Shirt

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
Manifeste – Pose

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