Don’t Dilly Dally

I got some time to myself today while minime had a playdate with her best friend. Whoever invented playdates should be sainted I reckon!! They should be called sanity dates, but I digress :P

dillydolls 2

Today I’m wearing the new release from Dilly Dolls, a store I fell in love with, thanks to Sileny when she joined Freestyle. Bennie is a beautiful dress that could be dressed up with a pair of heels, or grunged up, as I did with a pair of stompers.


Speaking of stompers, mine are the shit! They’re from HOC Industries, and cant be beaten for price and value for money. I went completely right click-buy happy when I first found this store, as did Jussy when I dragged her over there! I dare you to go to the main store and not buy everything in sight!

dilly dolls1

My accessories are from Bird Next Door, a place Newdoll turned me on to. I also picked up an amazing flower eye patch, but I’m still working out how to shoot it to do it the most justice. My beautifully ripped fishnets are from my favie ballet outfit courtesy of Fishy Strawberry. Gotta love the disheveled prom queen look!

Dress – Dilly DollsBennie
Fishnets – Fishy StrawberrySwan Lake (part of a set)
Boots – HOC Industries Knee Boots
Cuffs and Blindfold – Bird Next Door
Skin – IdiosyncrasyNatasha
Hair – LeLutkaSJ


I have a pretty spectacular inventory, after over 4 years inworld and a pretty hardcore shopping addiction I really love the pieces of SL history I’ve accumulated along the way. I’m feeling nostalgic as once again Inventory Episode has hit a milestone. My little blog is 3 years old, and although it’s been terribly neglected for the best part of a year, I do love it so. To celebrate, I thought I would show just a couple of my favorite things from the last 3 years, new and old favorites.

VR 2

In 2009, LeLutka put on a huge and quite incredible fashion show, Fashion Experiment. I was lucky enough to be invited, though due to timezone bullfuckery I couldnt attend. I did spend up a storm though, totally falling in love with all the pieces from that release. Two years later, these releases still hold their own, showing just how ahead of itself as a brand LeLutka was back then. I love the structure of the dresses, the sexiness of the pants, and of course, the military feel of the Postal jacket still rocks my world! Shown above is Raven, that I have beautifuly accessorised with the amazing Harness Gag from VR Foundry. Another product ahead of it’s time, an award winner in ’06, it’s the gag other BDSM aficionados base their own on (albeit surreptitiously…bad bad copy botters). This gag can match any outfit and any avatar as it has the nifty advantage of being modifiable, something Vivian feels very strongly about. As for the features…I’ll let you road test those yourselves :P

VR 1

Postal shown above, ticks all the boxes for me. Pairing them with the Mithra pants was a no brainer, stunning leather, gorgeous fit, and knee pads!!! It also gave me a chance to slip into the beautiful platform pumps from J’s. They are perfection, from the blood red sole to the shape of the platform, love love them. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites as much as I have enjoyed wearing them!

Gag – VR Foundry Harness Gag
Hair – LaqUpdo
Skin & Blonde Hair Base – Idiosyncrasy Natasha
Dress – LelutkaRaven
Jacket – LelutkaPostal
Pants and knee pads – LelutkaMithra
Boots – SlinkWhitney
Shoes – J’sPlatform Pumps

The Future Is Sn@tch

The first of my series of posts for the amazing 2010-The Future Is Now event. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat, along with Eden and Jussy. There were some absolute stunners, and it was incredible to see everyone thinking outside the box.

future5 copy1

As soon as this came down the runway, Jussy and I were all WANT. Then when we realised it was created by Ivey as Sn@tch‘s contribution, we were DOUBLE WANT. The avatar is absolutely stunning in every way. It comes complete with skin, hair, eyes, clothes, and the showstopper tentacles.

future4 copy1

Kali is the Goddess of time and change, and has been flung into the 21st century exqusitely by Ivey. If the future is nipple tentacles, gimme moremoremore!! I wanted Jussy to model for me, cos she totally rocked the av hard. Now I’ve got to catch up with my overflowing to blog folder, a week off is like a month in SL :P Ash Out.

Sn@tch (only available at the Greenies sim)
Ms Infinity

Love, Actually

Every Christmas, I watch Love Actually and have a really good happy cry. Being a single mum means being a superhero, and mostly badass, cos I dont have the luxury of saying “wait till your father gets home” My watching of this movie, and letting myself get immersed for 2 hours every year has become something of a ritual for me. I have been spoilt rotten both in sl and rl this year, it being my first Christmas with my family for 14 years, and Mini Ash’s first family Christmas ever.

I’m showing some of the sl gifts I was so lucky to receive. It must be hard to buy for our group, knowing that not only are we hardcore shoppers, but also cos we blog, we already have a shiltload of stuff. We somehow muddled through (le sigh :P) and got each other some great gifts. We have all been rocking the nails from Mandala, I blame that Whimsy and her accessories addiction, it’s starting to rub off on me. After seeing the vendors ads on the feed a few months ago and getting sidetracked searching for one of the poses used, I had forgotten it was a store I wanted to check out. So when we landed there and I saw what is prob my fave sl ad of all time I squeed. The pieces are so beautiful and well made, you’ll want to own them all. The jacket is a terrible generous group gift from Muism, that our Sileny rocked so epicly on FS, theres a guys and girls version, so hurry and grab it before it poofs from notices. The dress is from a new to me store LP Designs. It’s the perfect mini dress and you could totally throw some leggings or jeans under it to dress it down.

Once upon a time, I had a folder full of clothes from Viva La Glam, it has vanished into the ether, but the store hasnt. And lucky you, theres a wee sale going on too, till January. I got loads while I was there, but was sad to see old stock wasnt out, cos I would have re-bought everything I lost. I had the best jeans, overalls and dresses……wah! Anyhoo, enough whining from me, I have to get ready for family xmas part 2, The Revenge Of The Evil Brother :p Ash Out.

Pic 1
LP Designs
Pic 2
Mr Sigmund

Heart & Sole

Another flurry of packing, a quick skim of the feed (I actually got no further than Dakota in a kilt *swoon*), a 4am testing of a posestand and here I am! I actually took these pics last week sometime, but I’m so easily sidetracked atm. I’m also nearly 48 hours without smoking, my doctor is stoked, me not so much. I have thusfar had a killer headache, nausea and dizzy spells. I’m using the E-cig to help me quit, so I’ve lowered my cartridge to the low nicotine version to help combat the dizzy.

A few months back, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Bijoux Lefavre from Heart & Sole. I fell in love with her shoes, and her philosophy of being a designer in SL. Great shoes, which are so easy to tint to your skin tone at a very very affordable price. So affordable in fact, I think I bought every pair of boots this lady has ever made, on a single visit to her store. I’m also showing something that had me tickled pink, a necklace from Silent Sparrow. Hya makes me happy, and Hya jewelery makes me even happier.

Morrigan from The Black Canary also makes me very happy, his creativity has me in awe everytime I speak to him and mostly I’d like to shrink him down to mini size so I could pocket him and carry him round the grid :P I love the effortless flowing between genders in all his creations, Justice is a die hard fan of Morri’s boy ensembles and carries them really well. I like both, and mix alot of the more girly tops with masculine pants. Shown here with another pair of shoes from Heart & Sole, for a feminine touch. Back to packing now then off to get my whirlwind of a daughter from school. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Heart & Sole
Silent Sparrow
Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)
Pic 2
The Black Canary
Heart & Sole
Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)

Beauty Avatar

Sometimes shopping is the awesome in more ways than one. The other day, while hairwhoring round the grid, I bumped into Saretta Tedeschi, manager of Beauty Avatar. It was nice to actually see her in the flesh rather than conversing via IM. Anyhoo, she asked me to take a look at the new collection the girls had released, which I’m sure I had a card about, somewhere in my inv, but group notices if I even get them do tend to get buried.

beauty 1 copy

So I have 3 very different looks for you, and I even pulled out my super special, limited edtition shape from Silouhette (which is no longer avail but gotta give Carissa props for it :P) The first dress is Zae, and I love the structured, military feel of it. To soften it just the tinyest, I added my brand spanking new earrings from Uzuri. So new in fact, Bella burnt my ears off when she handed them over, they were that hot off the press.

beauty2 copy

I’m such a huge fan of babydolls in SL. I used to wear them all the time in RL until Mini Ash came along, then they reminded me of being pregnant so they found their way to the back of my wardrobe, never to be seen again. But thats the beauty of fashion in world, you can wear all sorts of stuff you wouldn’t/couldn’t in RL. This particular one is Carola, and it’s devine. The skirt is shorter than short though, so do be warned :P

beauty3 copy

This last look is my fave, not least for the irony of me wearing earmuffs and a teeny tiny bodysuit! Fiona comes in an array of colours to suit all tastes, the white just felt the most dramatic to me. The hair shown is our new love from Boon, that I wasn’t sure I liked at first, but it’s certainly grown on me. Now I’m off to go back to waiting for the postman to deliver my brand new E-Cigs (love you Ivey) Ash Out.

Pic 1
Zae-black/emerald-Beauty Avatar
Zeta light-04-Beauty Avatar
Pushed And Shoved-VW
Soho Boots-black suede-Maitreya
Makuti Earrings-Uzuri
Pic 2
Carola Red-Beauty Avatar
Prestige Boots Red-Bax
Daria light 6-Beauty Avatar
Pic 3
Daria Light 9-Beauty Avatar
Fiona Bodysuit White-Beauty Avatar
White Muffs-Artilleri

Back Into It

So I figured I’d knock out a few posts to take my mind off the revolting weekend. As a break from Skinfair posts, I thought I’d show you some of the retail therapy I did to cheer myself up. It was an expensive weekend in more ways than one :P

nyte copy

I’ve got newness from Nyte ‘N’ Day in the form of the super cute Lijn dress in red. I love that the texturing makes you feel all cosy, while still sexy. I’m also showing off a new shape, Delyn Nelly, after meeting Linka Demina and her love, both of whom had on the best afros I’ve seen in ages. The lashes are also from Glow Studios, as are the earrings. Shock horror, me accessorising! The hair Dylan is from Maitreya, and the fat pack begged me to buy, swear.

nyteb copy

The beautiful top is Bloom in grey from Nyte ‘N’ Day, I’m showing it with the awesome harem pants from Uzuri, they really are happy pants. We loves our happy pants in Australia, I wish I was home, I do miss it terribly. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Lijn-Nyte & Day
Shape, earrings and lashes
Glow Studios/Delyn

Pic 2
Bloom-Nyte & Day
Harem Pants-Uzuri
Glow Studios/Delyn

Skin and hair worn throughout
Justice charity SKin
Idiosyncrasy (only avail at Skinfair)

Kitsune Couture And The Fair

Ms Justice dragged me to the Jewelery Fair very early SLT. For her it was 5am, and she’d been up for nearly 24hrs (she works ridonculously long hours) I’m not usually an accesories fan ( terribly not fashion of me, I know) but I did find an amazing store that I fell in love with. Also, Sasy sent me to grab some Ug boots, and me being dopey couldn’t find them. Cue emo whining, and she tp’d in to hold my hand :P Then her hair rezzed. Then it was all over for the poor boots, sasy’s hair won. She introduced me to the designer Niennra Kitsune, much chatting ensued, and she drowned me in hair, literally.


Gfield is a new to me store, apparently I live under a rock, because how on earth they escaped my radar is beyond me! I fell in love so hard with the Rusty Rose set, bloody of course.


The head wreath is just breathtaking. I have a bajillion ideas for photos with this, stuff that inspires stuff is total win.


I’ll tell you a wee bit about Niennra. You may have previously associated her with the Magika brand. Until recently she worked with Sabina, the fashion section was hers. She has struck out on her own now, with Sabina’s blessing. The result is Kitsune Couture. The hair is gorgy, my fave textures, I love the blonde, srsly.


She also has clothes!!! Soo worth a look. Now that’s entirely enough writing for me, as my arm has swollen to twice the size it was yesterday and aches like a motherfucker. Ash Out.

All Jewelery
Gfield @ The Jewlery Fair
All Hair
Kitsune Couture
All Skins


A few weeks ago Terry invited me to a party. Being the anti social creature I am, I ummed and ahhed, then finally agreed to go.

hd1 copy

Haven Designs was having a grand reopening, and there was much celebration. Of course terry made the all time fatal mistake of going AFK, leaving me all alone with my wallet and camera….damn her :P By the time she got back I was a few fatpacks down and breathing hard. However, there was absolutely no buyer’s remorse, as I was totally stoked with my purchases. The first set shown is the Tory Rags in grey. Just a hint of naughtiness, the strips of material placed oh so strategically.

hd2 copy

The Flourish set, shown here in red is to die for. The material hoiked up and draped over one hip, so yummy. These are clothes you just feel sexy wearing, whether or not you’re an RPer, there is always room for more hawtness in your inv.

hd3 copy

The Willow camisk is so cheeky and adorable, with a whisper of nipple showing, it looks like the camisk is sliding slowly off your body, delicious. I was lucky enough to win a giftcard later in the party, and got loads more that I will show at a later date. Thank you terry for inviting me, and thank you Delora, for such yummies. Ash Out.

Haven Designs

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