Hair Fair – Amacci

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Today I’m bringing you an old favie. Amacci is the store owned and run by the fabulous Carina Larsen. She’s an uber talented lady, with many aspects to her store. She’s made her name though, with her beautiful skins and hair.

hf amacci

You absolutely cannot beat these textures, there are so yummy. The hairbases make the styles for me, these are version 2 bases. If you dont have them yet…you do need them!

hf amacci 2

For me, Amacci hair comes into it’s own when there are no bangs involved. My favorite of Carina’s designs always involve the hair being pulled off the face.

hf amacci 3

This red is stunning. It’s the perfect shade, and see what I mean about the hair pulled back?

hf amacci 4

The whisps of hair around the hairline are so gorgeous, and they really stand out with this particular shade.

hf amacci 5

Dont forget to stop by the booth before the fair ends, and also while youre there, snap a shot for the second Flickr photo contest. Details can be found HERE.


Hair Fair – Tekeli-li

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Omg omg soo running out of time!! I’m gonna have to bombard you with posts for the next few days just to get through all the stores I want to show.

hf tek

When it comes to incredible, intricate and ornate hair, Tekeli-li is the store to go to. Covering all sorts of RP genres, the hair you will find there is decorated, detailed and gorgeous.

hf tek 2

You get so much bang for your buck, with all the jewels, metals, accessories being colour/texture change.

hf tek 3

I first discovered this store when I went through my monacle phase, a period in my SL I remember fondly. I found an excuse to wear said eyepiece with just about every outfit I owned. I think it was around the time I only wore hooves, but thats a bedtime story for another time :P

hf tek 4

Every style is a work of art to me. This is another store that has me awed by the creativity and care that goes into each and every hair/piece of jewellery.

hf tek 5

You must get to the booth before the fair closes, as I think all these styles are must haves!



Hair Fair – Rosy Mood

Hair Fair Banner 2011

There’s a few stores in SL that kill me with cuteness, and Rosy Mood happens to be one of them. We are lucky to have had them in a few fairs now and their generosity never ceases to amaze me. This year’s fair releases are utterly adorable and so perfect for casual, after beach wear.

hf posr rosy mood

hf posr rosy mood 2

I love the textures, from the fairy hair (Minime calls hair that has been braided wet, then let out after drying to keep the kink in, fairy hair) to the supercute tonged bunches. Alot of these styles would look amazing on kid avs as they have such a young, innocent feel to them.

hf posr rosy mood 3

hf posr rosy mood 4

The style above is such perfect Jussy hair with the sassy flips!

hf posr rosy mood 5

And a smoother braided style to finish. I love the choppy bangs too, theyre very soft on the face, and not as severe a look as regular bangs.

Whose Hair Will you Wear

Have you joined the Flickr group for our second contest yet? The prizes are such a must have for anyone whose keen on SL photography, especially the Flickr pro account, paid for by What’s New SL. Check out the group page for all the rules etc, and you can find more details either on the Hair Fair blog, or scroll back one post on my blog.


Hair Fair Banner 2011

Whose Hair Will You Wear?

Whose Hair Will you Wear

It is time for our Second Hair Fair 2011 Photo Contest. When this years build was created, it was always the intention of the committee to make it as photogenic as possible. We invited aDORKable Poses to join us once again in this endeavour. This year they have exceeded our expectations, and the sims are really fun to be at.

Many have already taken such incredible pictures of the builds, we want to step that up into a mix of Hair Fairs latest releases, you and the pose oppurtunities available. This contest starts NOW and will end on the day after Hair Fair officially closes – which is the 16th of July at midnight.

The photo you enter must have you – or someone granting you permission to take their pic – in the photo with NEW Hair Fair 2011 hair on. Posed on one of the aDORKable poseballs set up at the fair, with the prop and/or fairground in the background. The hair must be recognisable as Hair Fair 2011 hair, and the pose must also be recognisable as one at the event. So be careful when cropping your pictures.

You will find all the rules on the flickr group page, but please please make sure you tag the photos and put the description in as asked. Failure to do so will void your entry, and that makes us cry.

Prizes have been donated by What’s New SL, aDORKable Poses and VR Studio.


1st Prize – 12 months Pro Flickr Account from What’s New SL
All NEW aDORKable Pose Sets/Props for 12 months
VR Studio by VR Foundry

2nd Prize – All NEW aDORKable Pose Sets/Props for 9 months
VR Studio by VR Foundry

3rd Prize – All NEW aDORKable Pose Sets/Props for 6 months
VR Studio by VR Foundry

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ashia Tomsen in-world with an IM/notecard or both :)

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Hair Fair – Iren

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Hair is how I first discovered Iren as a brand years ago, I vividly remember dragging Jussy over there and us buying pretty much everything. Back then, the majority of the hair was hat hair so it was a no brainer!

hf posr iren 5

Fast forward 2 years and Irischka has come on in leaps and bounds, expanding her brand to include skins. Her hair skills have improved tenfold, and she’s another crazy talented SL’r who gets better with each release.

hf posr iren 4

Her releases for this year’s fair are a mixed bag of yum, all fitting with our Summer theme so beautifully.

hf posr iren 3

Hat hair, flowers, cute bunches, hippy hair…it’s all here. The textures this year are yummy too, especially the blonde. Blonde for me is the tester of a good hair. Theres no hiding mistakes with blonde as it’s such an unforgiving colour, get that right and you’ve scored in my book.

hf posr iren 2

hf posr iren

Time is pressing so I’d better wrap it up here. Don’t forget to stop by Iren‘s booth at the fair, you’ll be happy you did!


Hair Fair Banner 2011

Hair Fair – Mina’s Frou Frou!

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Yesterday, I was reminiscing about stores that launched at last year’s fair. Another one of those stores was Frou Frou. Ms Rootcreeper has been quiet through the year, but has definitely come back with a bang with her releases for the fair.

hf post frou 3

hf post frou 2

hf post frou

3 beautiful styles, including a hat hair…weee!! The other 2 styles are gorgeous editorial hair, perfect for photography lovers and divas :P Prim torturing is soo not my forte, and I’m so in awe when I see hair like this thinking how the hell do they do it! Snatch these up while you can, just in case she goes back into hiding for a year :P

hf post mina 4

Next up is Mina Hair. Mina’s was the first booth I landed in while everyone was setting up, and I thought we had messed up the order and I was in a different booth! She has so leveled up and then some this year, her releases are absolutely incredible.

hf post mina 3

You have a choice of how to wear the style above, with the bangs being an optional attachment. They are so retro gorgeous I couldnt say no to them!

hf post mina 2

The textures are very realistic and photograph beautifully, and for once I didnt have to mod anything to fit my odd shaped little head!

hf post mina

This last style is a boy’s ‘do, but as you can see, it looks just as awesome on us ladies. Mina Hair is definitely one of my top picks for the fair, I hope you love them just as much a me.

PICS 1,2 & 3

PICS 4,5,6 & 7

Hair Fair – Vanity

Hair Fair Banner 2011

I’ve loved Vanity hair for such a long time it seems. With every release Tabata just gets better and better and her store is the go to store for avant garde, editorial hair.

hf posr vanity

hf posr vanity 2

This year’s fair releases are really incredible, and such an ecclectic mix theres sure to be something here for everyone.

hf posr vanity 3

hf posr vanity 4

You will also find included matching hairbases with your purchases, which is seriously awesome. Even if a store has them available to buy seperately it’s a huge plus in my book, as most are no mod so matching a base from store A to a hair from store B could prove to be a nightmare.

hf posr vanity 5

Arent the pearls just spectacular! Don’t forget, a portion of all sales goes to Wigs For Kids, so you dont have the tough job of picking and choosing which style to buy…yay!

Hair – Vanity @ Hair Fair 2011 REVIEW
Skin – The BodyCo Chocolata
Dress – Kyoot (parts of the mourning minnu dress)

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Hair Fair – The Strand & Slink

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Last Year’s Hair Fair produced some amazing new stores. One such store was The Strand. Although Cecilia has been pretty quiet this year, it was so worth the wait for new hair!

hf post the strand

I love hat hair of all kinds, casual, dressy or outrageous. Last Stand, shown above is so beautiful and definitely my favorite of the three styles. It ticks all my boxes and utilises my all time favorite of hats, the mini top.

hf post the strand 2

Buttons is the perfect casual style for cooler nights. Throw on a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater towards the end of a beach party when the sun goes down and the fire comes out. Can you tell I’m homesick!

hf post the strand 3

Polo is more garden party attire. The ribboned ponytail is the perfect touch and very Pretty Woman. I can’t wait to see more from this talented designer, let’s hope she doesnt keep me waiting till next year’s fair!

hf post slink

I look so different today. I was honestly a bit bored of photographing myself, and thought it was time to slip on a different face. My skins are from The Body Co and I’m still working out how to photograph them best, theyre quite tricky to work with tbh. That being said, I think Lavender, shown above and below works really well with the fair releases from Slink.

hf post slink 2

Is this not the perfect example of a so sharp it could cut you bob? It’s called Angel, but it looks kinda devilish to me :P

hf post slink 3

Rebecca is a sweet casual ponytail. I love all the pieces falling out at the front, as RL layered hair totally does towards the end of the work day. Siddean has been so inspired by the fair, she has apparently added 2 extra styles to her booth since I shot these pics…oh yes…I’m so going back for em!

Pics 1, 2 & 3
Hair – The Strand @ Hair Fair 2011 REVIEW
Skin – The Body Co – Orchid
Makeup – The Body Co – Orchid Lush
Top – Royal Blue – House Lounge Body

Pics 3, 4 & 5
Hair – Slink @ Hair Fair 2011
Skin – The Body Co – Lavender
Top – Apple May Designs

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Hair Fair – LeLutka

Hair Fair Banner 2011

LeLutka has been bringing their A game lately, and their releases for Hair Fair are no different. I can honestly say I love them all, especially as you get fair exclusives with each purchase.

hf post lelu

Some of you may have noticed a price difference between the fair releases and regular store packs. Thats because when you purchase a pack from the fair, you will get hairbases to match, and let me tell you, the bases are incredible.

hf post lelu 2

You can only get the bases with fair purchases, so keep trying to tp in to snatch them up while you can!

hf post lelu 3

The styles themselves embrace the theme of the fair so beautifuly, I get such a summer vibe from all of them.

hf post lelu 4

They also utilise the roots system, which I love. Obviously roots wont show up on darker purchases, but they work incredibly well on my favorite colour packs.

hf post lelu 5

hf post lelu 6

The style shown above is LeLutka’s goodybag gift. You get a fatpack. Yay for generosity!

All hair – LeLutka @ Hair Fair 2011
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha
Dress – Fishy Strawberry @ The Dressing Room

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Hair Fair – Wasabi Pills

Hair Fair Banner 2011

I think it’s safe to say minime has made a full and speedy recovery, apparently I’m a meanie who’s mean (I asked her to clean her room). Aah the joys and rewards of motherhood. However, while she’s in said disaster zone room, I can sneak in a ninja post!

hf post wasabi

There’s something about Hair Fair that brings out the adorable, the wacky and the totally eccentric in our beloved hair creators. Today I have the adorable portion covered with the releases from Wasabi Pills. I’ve totally rocked this look above in RL, especially when minime was a baby and still on the bottle. She would get so fussy if there was any hair on my face, and this was a super quick solution!

hf post wasabi 2

hf post wasabi 3

How cute are these bows! You get a huge choice of textures and colours at the click of a button, so it’s very easy to match to your outfit. I love the heavy bangs too, in RL they annoy me, but in SL I can rock it.

hf post wasabi 4

Supercute braids to finish, another summer favie. I used to love wearing braids to the beach, then shaking them out in the evening for a no effort beachy wavy look. Course now you can do the same thing with sea salt styling spray, but you get my point! I’d better go now, I hear banging and crashing of the disastrous kind coming from the evil room of doom, LOL she really must be cranky with me :P

All Hair – Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair 2011 REVIEW
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha
Top – Fishy Strawberry

Hair Fair Banner 2011

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