Silent Sparrow

I haz the flu, for the second time in 3 weeks, bloody London and it’s stoopid weather! However, nothing could stop me doing this post as it’s about my very favorite store in SL. Silent Sparrow has long been a store I love, ever since I got a Halloween outfit there in ’07. My “Not So White Wedding” outfit remains in my inv to this day, which cannot be said of alot of purchases I made that year. In fact, piece for piece, my Silent Sparrow folder is the largest, unashamedly so :P

The Sprocket suit in Ash was one I didn’t actually own yet, but being a boy this week gave me the perfect opportunity to scoop it up and take it home.

The Ryou suit in Dove is a gorgeous suit, for either guys or girls. I also wanted to show it for the departure colour wise from Hya’s usual offerings. It really is spectacular, and I would have bought it for the pants alone, deadset perfect in every way.

And I couldn’t let Halloween go by without some blood. The Aconite suit is one I first saw on Ms Ach, and I wanted it soooo bad. Justice ended up buying it for me, as my account was having an epic cannot buy lindens phase, which seems to happen about once a year. The blood isn’t overdone, I love the bandages….all of em. I wanted to wear a tuff boy skin, so I chose my Inflict scrummyness. This particular one was a gift a few months ago, to celebrate the launch of the range, it’s a tad darker than I would usually go for, but works wonderfully for this post. These are some seriously stunning skins, Jussy flipped when she saw that at the Skin/Shape expo, and I spent hours standing in that booth just staring! Ok, entirely enough talking from me, go buy shit :P Ash out.

Silent Sparrow

Don’t Adjust Your Monitors

My next challenge was set by Justice last week. We were talking about how hot we thought our boy avs are, and how sometimes it was nice to escape and not have to be “pretty”. So do it for a week, says Ms Justice. Well alrighty then!

My first stop had to be Artilleri. I absolutely love the shirts and jeans in the mens section, and it has to be the place to go if you don’t feel like wearing a cloak and sword :P There is so much focus in SL on women’s clothes, hair, skins, shoes. But Sasy and I were talking about it the other day, and the guys would spend, if there was something that really caught their attention. My besty Artie spends more time shopping than I do, granted he has an inv full of some shocking ensembles, but he also has some gold too.

I had to update my guy’s hair and skin too. I had an old Laqroki skin, Keith, that I just wasn’t feeling anymore. So off to Den-Dou I went. I demoed everything, and Ichiro was my fave. Shown here in Emo Stubble cos I loves guyliner. The hair is from Uncleweb, a store Steiner directed me to. I love a friend I can just IM with randomness, and they go with the flow!! He must be used to it by now with me, and I suppose me saying I was being a boy for a week was on the tame side of our convos! The tank is from Pofuzz, and is an L at the moment…score! There’s also a brick coloured one, so grab that too while you’re there.

This last shirt was a gift from Sasy. I seem to remember going to Junglewear years ago with hubby, on a quest for body hair of all things!! Anyhoo, apart fron the hair there a 3 floors of menswear, not bad ay. Ash Out.

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