Hair Fair 2011 – Bandana Day

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Bandana Day has officialy started. Join us, and remove your hair to show you care.

Bandana Day 2011

bandana day_001

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The philosophy of Wigs For Kids is to help children feel themselves again. This is directly in line with the RL Bandana Day in Australia. We buy bandanas and wear them one day of the year, to help kids who have lost their hair feel more comfortable with how they look. The money from the sale of those bandanas goes to charity, it’s a tradition we have mirrored in SL every year.

bandana day_003

We hand out bandana kits prior to the fair, to anyone who wants to lend a creative hand to the cause. It’s so funny that every year, the finished products have gotten more and more ornate, particularly with the advent of sculpties. It’s your chance to own a wee bit of SL history as these bandanas are only available once a year and only at the fair.

bandana day_006

Shown here are just a couple of the beautiful creations you can find in the Bandana Day booths. All the money from the sales goes directly to Wigs For Kids to go towards paying for a hair system for a child in need. Click here for info about the hair systems and how it all works.

Bandanas – LeLutka, Osakki, Illusory @ Hair Fair 2011
Dresses – LeLutka, Aoharu, Artilleri
Skin – Laq – Vilda

Bandana Day!

It’s that time again!!! Remove your hair to show you care today, on our annual Bandana Day.

Bandana Day 2010

Shown here are but a few examples of the amazing bandanas you can pick up from Hair Fair.

Bandana Day 2010

It really is quite amazing to see what everyone does with their bandana kit, it’s something I look forward to every year!! 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these one of a kind creations goes to Wigs For Kids, who sent a rep inworld the other day, to see just what it is we do here in SL :)

Bandana Day 2010

I love this pearl and lace concoction from Flair…I feel very vegas! Also, there’s just a few hours left to grab your copy of a limited edition pre release Sonja skin. There was some confusion yesterday, as I had called it makeup…not thinking that now with viewer 2, people sell makeups by themselves :P It’s a pack of skins, in all tones, with all brow, cleavage and hair base options at a bargain price. Grab yours before they disappear into my inv!!! Ash Out.

Limited Edition Skin

Hair Fair

Sonja – Idiosyncrasy

Bandana Day

Bandana Day 2010

Bandana Day is this sunday, don’t forget to get yours. They are only available at Hair Fair, and are 50L each mod/transfer. Buy some for you and your friends…Sunday is the day we all remove our hair to show we care. 100% of the proceeds from bandana sales goes to Wigs For Kids and we have some incredible one of a kind designs from some of SL’s top content creators.


Bandana Day

Every year in Aus, we have a little event called Bandana Day. I say we, even though I have moved, I’m still Aussie :P

Bandana Day notice

bandana sas
Sasy’s Bandana

The SL version of Bandana Day will be July 3rd, and it’s always been a massive part of the fundraising effort for Locks Of Love. Every year, kits get sent out, to designers, bloggers, anyone who wants to get involved. The Bandanas get customised and are sold for 50L at the fair, with all the proceeds going to Locks Of Love.

bandana damselfly
Damselfly’s Bandana

I’ve picked my 4 favies to show you. Going without hair for 24 hours doesn’t have to be a nerve racking experience. Take the opportunity to make a statement, fashion or otherwise.

bandana mia
Miasnow’s Bandana

You also get an exclusive accessory, designed for just this occasion. Looking good, knowing your money is going to a good cause, what more could you ask for?

bandana whims
Ms Whimsy Winx’s Bandana

Check out the incredible work that went into Ms Whimsy’s bandana. Remind me to beat her up later for being so talented :P Replace your hair and show you care on July 3rd. Ash Out.

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