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YS&YS – Maddalena @ My Slink Obsession

Flair – Nail Appliers – Set 44 & ALU Ankle Lock

Spellbound – Witchery @ Carnevil

Cutebomb – Dark Sorceress Dress @ Carnevil
Goth1co – Ripped Fishnets
Emporium – Nancy Boots

Yummy – Elemental Ring Set

VR Foundry – VR Studio HUD & Pose Library
Imeka – Bessie – Pose 8

My Stock – Brushes
moonchild-ljilja – Background

The Bounty Hunter

While I have a love of SL fashion, I’ve never been a huge fan of SL fashion shows, the crashing, the lag, and the trying to rez shit always frustrates me. The few I have been to or participated in though have been incredible events. Two that spring immediately to mind are “The Future Is Now” orchestrated by the iconic Mr Jefferson, and also “Spleen And Ideaism” which sprung from the beautifully twisted mind of Monica Outlander.

This outfit was made for The Future Is Now show and it’s just so damn sexy. Jussy grabbed it immediately, as soon as the show ended. The vendors weren’t all set up yet, but she had to have it!

My headgear and monocle are from the incredible LPP. You’ll find all sorts of punk, fetish, steampunk outfits as well as cyberdolls, armour, guns and lingerie.

The amazing boots are from Tigerclaw, which is sadly no longer now. They were so awesome for their time, and they spawned heaps of lookalikes from various stores on the grid. It’s my mission to find something similar that is viewer 2 compatible, cos it’s all about the alpha layer now! Let me know if you see any, cookies will be given in thanks :P


TIGERCLAW (closed now)




GLAM AFFAIR (Halloween gift from last year)


Does My Ass Look Big In This?

I’m guilty of asking this question more times than I care to admit, although I’m kinda backwards cos I hope the answer is yes! Being 5ft nothing and maybe 110 pounds RL, I’m always trying to look bigger/taller…I own 586745867 pairs of stompers and a ridiculous amount of baggy pants that tend to hang off my hips and get held precariously in place with a variety of belts.

My RL pants don’t hang quite as low as these awesome freebs from NV, but what the fuck right? It’s SL, and a bit of ass never killed anyone now did it :P Paired with my all time favorite boots from Sinistyle, the DNA boots are gore covered badness that leave bloody footprints, if you so choose, and seriously appropriate for Halloween.

Another favorite of mine is the Last Rites helmet from Fade Dana. Sadly we’ve lost her to the darkside (RL) but never fear, all her awesome shit is still available to buy…I made a point of double checking before posting, so I don’t get yelled at :P The top is from Paradisis, Jussy and I took a trip there last night, I’m not sure if Ankhari is redecorating, because we only found a few outfits and the top floor of the store seems to have vanished for the moment. Off to rest now before Minime gets home and creates havoc, not only do I have a rotten cold, I just got back from a lovely trip to the dentist and my face feels like a huge melon!

ATOMIC (no longer avail, was a Stumblebum release from 2010)







The Living Dead

I love Halloween, minime gets to live out her fantasy of being a diva/princess/fairy and I get to be covered in fake blood and wear ripped clothes without someone threatening to put me in the loony bin!

I’ve been like the living dead for the last couple of months, and I’ve had enough blood transfused to put a vampire victim to shame! That doesnt stop me seeking out dead stuff in SL however, and the Living Dead Girl avatar from Deviant Styles fits the bill nicely. I’ve been scooping up loads of bloody, bruised and zombie like stuff, so be prepared to get bombarded :P

Here’s a close up of the gorgeous skin, cos I’m cool like that.

Skin, Hair & Outfit
Deviant Styles



Don’t Dilly Dally

I got some time to myself today while minime had a playdate with her best friend. Whoever invented playdates should be sainted I reckon!! They should be called sanity dates, but I digress :P

dillydolls 2

Today I’m wearing the new release from Dilly Dolls, a store I fell in love with, thanks to Sileny when she joined Freestyle. Bennie is a beautiful dress that could be dressed up with a pair of heels, or grunged up, as I did with a pair of stompers.


Speaking of stompers, mine are the shit! They’re from HOC Industries, and cant be beaten for price and value for money. I went completely right click-buy happy when I first found this store, as did Jussy when I dragged her over there! I dare you to go to the main store and not buy everything in sight!

dilly dolls1

My accessories are from Bird Next Door, a place Newdoll turned me on to. I also picked up an amazing flower eye patch, but I’m still working out how to shoot it to do it the most justice. My beautifully ripped fishnets are from my favie ballet outfit courtesy of Fishy Strawberry. Gotta love the disheveled prom queen look!

Dress – Dilly DollsBennie
Fishnets – Fishy StrawberrySwan Lake (part of a set)
Boots – HOC Industries Knee Boots
Cuffs and Blindfold – Bird Next Door
Skin – IdiosyncrasyNatasha
Hair – LeLutkaSJ

Ooh newness!

Oh today has been soo up there on the awesomesauce scale. I gots to hang out with Noodle, it’s been so long, the timezone thinger sucks pus. We bought all sorts of fabutastic stuff before she dragged me (yes dragged kicking and screaming) to Runoruno to check out the newness.

Shown above is the After Ballet Class Skirt and the Weave Jacket. Yup total yum, and the perfect foil for my Riding Boots from Coco, which I had picked up a few weeks before the Footwear Expo. There are alot of prims, so be prepared for some editing, although Ms Runo is kind enough to not only provide her hip measurements, but also editing instructions for newer players, not bad ay!

Ah my fabulous new Lace-Up Workboots from Coco. They are made of so much bloody win I don’t know where to start. Wear em loose, wear em normal, even wear them with handy dandy denim cuffs so you have an attachment point free for your jeans. Yea, you heard right :P Although I have to say, at 4am, I found the cuffs confuzling, and it was decided by persons other than myself that sleep was needed, mmhm. The skirt is also brand spanking new from Runorono, it’s The Patent Skirt. I’m wearing it with the top of the Silk Dress, which is deliciously sheer, and a purchase I made months ago with Sasy giggling at me in voice. Now back to packing, I’m moving in a few days, and I for one cannot fucking wait. Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)

Silent Sparrow

I haz the flu, for the second time in 3 weeks, bloody London and it’s stoopid weather! However, nothing could stop me doing this post as it’s about my very favorite store in SL. Silent Sparrow has long been a store I love, ever since I got a Halloween outfit there in ’07. My “Not So White Wedding” outfit remains in my inv to this day, which cannot be said of alot of purchases I made that year. In fact, piece for piece, my Silent Sparrow folder is the largest, unashamedly so :P

The Sprocket suit in Ash was one I didn’t actually own yet, but being a boy this week gave me the perfect opportunity to scoop it up and take it home.

The Ryou suit in Dove is a gorgeous suit, for either guys or girls. I also wanted to show it for the departure colour wise from Hya’s usual offerings. It really is spectacular, and I would have bought it for the pants alone, deadset perfect in every way.

And I couldn’t let Halloween go by without some blood. The Aconite suit is one I first saw on Ms Ach, and I wanted it soooo bad. Justice ended up buying it for me, as my account was having an epic cannot buy lindens phase, which seems to happen about once a year. The blood isn’t overdone, I love the bandages….all of em. I wanted to wear a tuff boy skin, so I chose my Inflict scrummyness. This particular one was a gift a few months ago, to celebrate the launch of the range, it’s a tad darker than I would usually go for, but works wonderfully for this post. These are some seriously stunning skins, Jussy flipped when she saw that at the Skin/Shape expo, and I spent hours standing in that booth just staring! Ok, entirely enough talking from me, go buy shit :P Ash out.

Silent Sparrow


There is much sadness. After spending a blissful 2 weeks with my love, sadly time is up and he went home yesterday. However, on the plus side, we got engaged :P And now after moving to London just a few weeks ago, I’ll be moving to Seattle next year! I’m kinda glad I can still be a bit of a gypsy, it just wouldn’t be *me* if I wasn’t trotting round the globe with mini Ash in tow.

So for the first time in ages, here I am on the grid, looking for trouble and trying very hard not to shop. Paradisis clothes always have the power to cheer me up, especially the skirt that looks suspiciously like a belt :P

I’ve paired a few oldtime faves with an amazing coat from Jeckalicious, which I scored for free as part of the Demonology Hunt. It really is an amazing gift, so many ways to wear it and loads of options, Ash=happy. Now it’s back to emoing, I may just spam Flickr with moody pics full of diffuse glow :p Ash Out.

Micro skirt-Paradisis
Wrapped Boots-AVZ
Pushed And Shoved-VW (now Epoque)
Devon Makeup 6 Sunkissed-Idiosyncrasy

Paradise Is………

So I hadn’t seen Ms Scarborough for ages, what with me being a total PS hermit and her getting stuck in her skybox for 4 days. I jumped in her IM box yesterday, not realising she was stuck, thinking, you’re not that bloody busy and important missy :P

blog 1

Much squeeling ensued, before she asked if I’d got my group notices from Paradisis (I hadn’t). It was decided that we had to go, as they made the skirt that isn’t really enough material to be a skirt, but could quite happily pass for a belt :P

blog 3

This is one of the latest releases, Midnight Kiss. The name appealed as I’ve just finished reading the Twilight saga, and of course the outfit is insane value, with pieces on every conceivable layer.

blog 2

As soon as I put on my Wrapped boots from Avz, I felt all Rawr, and pulled out my Pretzel poses to pretend I was kicking some srs pixel butt. yea I know, I’m about as scary as that cute panda av from Pink Fuel :P Ash Out.

Midnight Kiss-Paradisis
Wrapped Boots-Avz
Fuzzy-Red Queen


I must be the most forgetful chick on the grid, I swear! I see stuff, go “oooh that’s soo cool”, vow to check it out (the store I mean) then promptly forget. Then when I remember, and get all excited, TP bestie, and she’s like, ” I brought you here last year dood” shame reigns :P

Indi Designs is one such store. I had seen pics on the feed, *knew* the clothes were so me, and kept getting sidetracked. So when I finally decided to ignore IM’s and just GO, a screaming match then ensued, “How could you have been shopping here and NOT TOLD ME? YOU SUCK” Again, shame reigns, cos bestie had indeed taken me to Indi Designs, on more than one occasion…….oy. This first outfit is “Morgan” and I just adore it. There are so many options, the mind will boggle. Everything comes on all layers, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Not only that, you can sex it up, or make it a more professional look, with the click of your mouse. GOTS TO LOVE THAT :P

This is “Hazel” and is my absolute favorite. 2 different kinds of stockings, pants, several top options, jackets, prim bits, or not. That’s right! If you’re in a sim that’s laggy, never fear. All your prim belts are drawn onto the clothes, your fashion WILL NOT WANT :P

Lord and who would have thought, amazing lingerie, from the same store? Not I said the fly! But here it is, gorgeously shaded, on every layer imaginable. You actually get 12 pieces in the one folder, so you can dream up all kinds of combinations. My favorite part is the “G” is not a piece of string that gets lost in the av mesh, total win! Ash Out.

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