Oh happy day when a new hair store opens in SL. Having decided long ago that we were certified hair hoowas, Sasy and I were needing a new fix. It came to us in the form of Zobovic. We sat, we waited, we spied on the setting up of the store at The Deck, we (gasp) sorted inventory and sulked.

Finally yesterday, she IM’d me to say “Hair’s up” and a few OMG’s later I was already in a demo.The textures are just insanely good. Remember how crazy everyone went over Tuli’s pic for the Black Swan? Well these textures look just as amazing. The first style is “Boh” and screamed Mod to me, so the perfect dress to accompany it, is of course the Mode II from CKS Designs. perfectly form fitting, and because of the 67857856785 layering options, you can wear it over pants or jeans. Yay for versatility!

This next hair from Zobovic is called “Krysta” the perfect summer updo. Perfectly complementing CKS Designs “Summer Safari” shorts, jacket and halter. All of the range come in a dazzling array of colours, both brights and neutrals.

An example of the neutrals here, the Summer Safari pants and halter. The shading on the pants is divine, again with a choice of layering, and either tight fit, or regular fit with prim bottoms. Now I’m gonna sip mocktails, draped over a yacht somewhere in sl :P Ash Out.

All Clothes
All Hair
Zobovic @ The Deck

Pic 1

Pic 2
Shoes & Ankle Thingers

Pic 3


Yar, I’m like a week late, bu I do have good reasons :P This is the final part of my homage series, and I saved the best for last. Those of you that know me, know my bestie. She’s loud, brash, driven, talented and has the foulest mouth this side of Cali. She also has the biggest heart of anyone I know, and my SL just wouldn’t be the same without her.

homage 11-JI

This is her favorite look of all time. The hawtest outfit WWI has to offer, short, messy hair, Shiny Things boots and socks. Yes, she shares my obsession for socks, but somehow she manages to turn them into something that reminds you of a romp in the hay, rather than sweet and cute :P

homage 10-JI

And being the bestest friend ever, she let me play dress ups with her. This is what I would put her in if she ever let me lose in her inv. A yummy, floaty dress from Ibizarre, slightly longer hair (the new freebie from Troof) ankle socks and Oxfords from Tesla. She was cooking dinner while I took these photos, and we laughed ourselves stupid as every time she came back to her computer, I had her av in another strange position. Over the years we have laughed, cried, fallen asleep on each other, gotten drunk and righteous, raged at each other and loved and supported each other. What I love most about us is when we get on a creative roll, they are my favorite times. Brainstorming at 3am, emoing in Photoshop and making shit. She works too hard, she is the best at everything she does and she amazes me everyday. Ash Out.

Gritty Kitty
Shiny Things

Dark Eden

So the other day I was totally raiding Sasy’s pose stand (the one out atm has over 2,000 poses in it…wicked!) and once I was done with my pics and looked over to see what she was actually doing I was like “wow”. She was taking pics for this post, us girls look so fecking awesome in tuxedos. But she was looking for stockings, when she stumbled on the ones shown, part of the Lilith set from Dark Eden. Then I got yelled at for not having said Lilith set ;P

By chance my friend Terry passed me a card today, saying that the lucky chairs at Dark Eden had been updated, so off I went. Terry had to go afk, and by the time she came back I had bought the whole store. I blame her……..really I do, ahem.

Terry also owns most of Dark Eden’s inv, so we had a wicked time trying stuff on, and my dark/light idea was born. Terry is wearing the most amazing set of silks I have ever seen. Click on the photos for the largest size to see the incredible prim work. There are fairies interlaced throughout her silks and crown, so original and so beautiful. I of course am in the Lileth set, choosing the bare option. If you buy the mega set, you get a mind boggling array of not only layer and style choices, but size choices. Genius if you ask me.

What I also loved was how I felt when wearing this set, all powerful, rawr and well, beautiful :P If you haven’t been for awhile, please do check Dark Eden out, there’s something for all tastes, including a cool new line of magic gear. SOLD! Ash Out.

EDIT: Apparently there is some confusion over the skin I am wearing. It is Curio as stated. Terry is wearing Grace from PXL.

Dark Eden
Ash’s Skin
Ash’s Hair


One of my favorite stores on the grid at the moment is SHI, amazing latex, fantastic boots and the prices, well they can’t be beaten.

The incredible “Tyrant” boots are the latest release, and they’re 10 shades of win. Fully scripted, you can choose to be posed or have sounds on/off. They needed a super fierce outfit to do them justice, so the only choice for me was the “Eclipse” in ruin.

The outfit comes with the prim attachments to make a jacket, but looks just as good without as shown here ;P

I totally drove Sasy insane looking through my inv for suitable hair, I spent so much time looking at that screen, I hadn’t realised what Sasy was wearing. As soon as I looked up I was like WANT. The amazing “Easy” hair from Red Queen was really the perfect hair. Check out RQ and SHI when you have the chance, both have amazing stuffs. Ash Out.

Outfit and boots

The Black Canary

It’s been such a long time since I’ve written in my own blog! But I have missed it, so I felt it was time to fire it up again. I’m not sure what will be here, reviews, LOTD’s or mebe mindless drivel, who knows. What I do know is, I have some ossumness to kick it off with :P There is nothing I love more than logging in to “Morrigan Denimore has offered you inventory” It always means something spectacular and made with love from the amazing Black Canary.


“The Iris” is of course no exception. From the lace detailing on the skirt, to the beautiful texturing on the bodice, Morrigan has outdone himself again.


The outfit is complete with boots (not shown), male and female attachment versions, and the adorable headpiece. The hair I chose is from the amazing House Of Munster.


To compliment such an amazing outfit, it takes an amazing skin, and this one from Little Bird does the job perfectly. It was a previous lucky chair prize, but may be available to buy. I love the skins from this store, delicate and oh so pretty. Normally I would end with some witty aside, not tonight alas as mini Ash is again trying to give the cat a bath, oy. Ash Out.


Honestly, I don’t know where to start with this new release from Ann O’Toole from Unique Needs!! I will say these avatars have been in the works since November of last year, and they are beyond incredible. First we have the Ghost Warrior. She’s a fierce elf who captures spirits, I swear, you can see them move!!!

Ghost warrior

Ghost Warrior

I’ll shamelessly pinch details from the product info, lest I forget any of the pieces that come with this amazing pack:
The package is a complete avatar consisting of a shape for those who do not wish to modify prim attachments,
a purple fantasy skin with top of skull to ankles tribal tattoos
matching skulled, chained, and pierced and plain plasma tattooed elf ears,
Irridescent eye attachments,
a crossed bones nose piercing,
Love Violet Sexnotic Eyes,
A ghostly shirt top and panties for PG wear,
Flying Ghosts Skull Collector Necklace cape and upper wrap combo,
Silver Quad Nipple Chains with dangling flexi chains,
Upper arm spiked skulls armbands,
Ghostly Blade Bracers,
Death Stalker spiked skulled belt with flying ghosts silks,
flying ghost thigh wrap,
Spiked skulled and chained bitchin boots,
a ghostly skulls staff

In addition the package contains some alternative wear options:
Skull Collector Flying Ghosts Cape w/o upper wrap
Skull Collector Flying Ghosts Cape Type II w/o upper wrap
Death Stalker Belt w/o silks
Flying Ghosts Long Silks (Wear with Death Stalker Belt)
Flying Ghosts Medium Silks (Wear with Death Stalker Belt)
Flying Ghosts Loincloth (short)
Silks (Wear with Death Stalker Belt)
Elf Ears w/o adornments

Plasma Spectrum

Next is the Plasma Spectrum avatar. Isn’t it just out of this world! I haven’t done a thing to these pics except crop em, so what you see is what you get inworld. Every tiny detail you could think of is covered, with so many options it will blow your mind. In this pack, the tattoos come on separate layers as well as on the skins. So if you can’t bear to part with your all time fave skin for the night, fear not!! I’d get this for the ears alone! My ear obsession is evident, and now I get to play with brand new ones XD!

I have it on very good authority there will be a goth pack coming soon. I for one can’t wait to see what Ann comes up with next, at least she has a good excuse for not making more of my favorite shoes yet!!!

Ghost Warrior Female
750L @ Unique Needs

Plasma Spectrum Female
1500L @ Unique Needs

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