Shop Till You Drop

I’ve been so inspired lately, since making shadows work. At first the battle was getting them to show up, then it was getting settings I liked. After that it was making a kinda studio area that was open enough so that shadows still worked. Then later still it was making that area as pretty as a picture (pun intended :P) All this wittering does have a point I assure you! While wanting to make my spiffy new studio even moar spiffy, I knew it was the time to go through my huge props and poses folder and utilise some of the gorgeous stuff I had left to languish in there. It was also around this time I had a major meltdown when I realised that folder, and all of it’s contents were missing from my inv. Several fixes later and it still hasnt come back, so I was down about 50,000L’s worth in inventory and very emo to say the least.

circle 2

So off to xsteet I went and found a great free pose prop thing. That was so gorgeous I went to the main store, and perved the creators profile. That led me to The Circle Project, as the creator had a special pose scene there (to be shown at a later date!) Once that was safely filed away, it was time to clothes shop baby!! The first store I went into was pesca, and the Haori1 immediately caught my eye. I havent seen anything like it before in SL and it reminds me of something my best friend wore for years and I always wanted to nab!

circle 1

Then it was next door into The Sea Hole, where I had some kind of buying frenzy. I pretty much picked up at least one of everything that was in there, sometimes two….but we wont talk about my addictions today :P

circle 3

The perfect peasant blouse!!! Absolutely gorgeous, and soo works with a pair of flares.

circle 4

Seriously, who can resist showing off their legs with a supercute playsuit? This one comes in an array of textures, I chose the girliest one I could! I have many more purchases to show from this particular outing, but I had to split it up as I really did shop till I dropped!

Pic 1
Jacket – Pesca @ The Circle Project – Haori1
Top – Priss @ The Circle Project – Miss Spring Tank (worn without attachments)
Jeans – So Many Styles @ The Circle Project – Denim Light Blue

Pic 2
Top – The Sea Hole @ The Circle Project – Sheer Tank and Scarf Set
Pants – The Sea Hole – @ The Circle Project – Dita Flared jean

Pic 3
Top – The Sea Hole @ The Circle Project – Kashmir Blouse
Pants – The Sea Hole @ The Circle Project – Dita Flared Jean

Pic 4
Playsuit – The Sea Hole @ The Circle Project – Nicosia Sun Suit

Hair & Skin
worn throughout
Hair – Kin – Cricket
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha Natural Base

Poses & Props
Screen – What Next – So Boho Dressing Screen Pose Prop
Mannequin – What Next – Paperdoll Mannequin
(Huge thanks to Winter for being an absolute legend and redelivering an Xstreet purchase that got lost in the ether!!!)
Bird Frame – LISP – Mint Frame
Typewriter & Suitcase – M.Fox (not available anymore)


Sneaking very quietly in at the back.


Don’t tell anyone…..but I missed you guys <3

Skin – Idiosyncrasy Natasha
Hair – [E] Vivid
Top – VG Y Strap Layered Tank
Pants – [Tia] Turnups Blue jeans
Bag – [Tia] Totebag Retro
Shoes – M Style GOSHI Pumps
Pose – Adorkable

Don’t Adjust Your Monitors

My next challenge was set by Justice last week. We were talking about how hot we thought our boy avs are, and how sometimes it was nice to escape and not have to be “pretty”. So do it for a week, says Ms Justice. Well alrighty then!

My first stop had to be Artilleri. I absolutely love the shirts and jeans in the mens section, and it has to be the place to go if you don’t feel like wearing a cloak and sword :P There is so much focus in SL on women’s clothes, hair, skins, shoes. But Sasy and I were talking about it the other day, and the guys would spend, if there was something that really caught their attention. My besty Artie spends more time shopping than I do, granted he has an inv full of some shocking ensembles, but he also has some gold too.

I had to update my guy’s hair and skin too. I had an old Laqroki skin, Keith, that I just wasn’t feeling anymore. So off to Den-Dou I went. I demoed everything, and Ichiro was my fave. Shown here in Emo Stubble cos I loves guyliner. The hair is from Uncleweb, a store Steiner directed me to. I love a friend I can just IM with randomness, and they go with the flow!! He must be used to it by now with me, and I suppose me saying I was being a boy for a week was on the tame side of our convos! The tank is from Pofuzz, and is an L at the moment…score! There’s also a brick coloured one, so grab that too while you’re there.

This last shirt was a gift from Sasy. I seem to remember going to Junglewear years ago with hubby, on a quest for body hair of all things!! Anyhoo, apart fron the hair there a 3 floors of menswear, not bad ay. Ash Out.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Ms Anya

So I’ve been having a bit of a slump lately, feeling uninspired blogging wise. It all came to a head last night with me screaming like a banshee in Sasy’s ear that I hated my inventory, hated taking pictures and hated everything. So she set me a challenge, no blood, no darkness and no emo for a week. Fast forward 12 hours, and oh how bright a new morning can be! So here’s my first non dark post, ironic considering Halloween’s coming up :P

Sharing the Blackmarket space with Ms Anya Ohmai and the girls has been a blast, and I thought it was high time to check out her main store, !Ohmai. I dragged Sasy with me so we could ooh and aah over the gorgy pieces together. Shown above is the Spun Silk gown and god it’s so pretty, floaty, and totally not something I would normally wear. But always one to take on a challenge, I’m so glad I did cos I felt like a princess and didn’t want to take it off.

The Nina sweater in absolutely stunning, and paired with the sheer leggings, it’s an awesome, comfy combo. Cos it’s freezing here in London, I’m wearing big sweaters I can layer under, so this outfit felt right at home for me.

And to finish, the super cute Puff Blouse, shown here in Lavender. I’m so loving all the pieces from Anya’s store (I think i bought it all) and I can’t wait for her to do pants, jeans and moar shorts :P Demanding asshole aint I! Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)

You’re A Fake, Baby

I’ve been lacking in ethusiasms for blogging, but that has more to do with my emo puddle rather than the clothes on the grid. However, I saw this post by Linda and was a bit of a flutter over the shooz. Just my kind of super cute, so I had to go check out the store Fake.

I was stoked to find many quirky, very resonably priced pieces, all of which can be mixed and matched. I was also stoked to see the clothes were fun! And such a nice change for me from being a beaten, black leather wearing Ash :P

The outfit shown above I think is my fave. The button details are just so adorables, and I love love the top. I’ll be going back to get the rest of the colours.

These pinstripe pants are so awesome. The prim parts are also really cool, giving the impression of baggy wrinkledness. Now I’m off to get yet another rl tattoo, I’ll post pics here when it’s down! Have a bonus Alexander vid, cos that’s what I was listening to when I shot these pics. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Fake-Salute Jumper Red
Fake-Hollywood Heels Hooker Red
Idiosyncrasy-Riley makeup1 Sunkissed

Pic 2
Fake-Moew Pants Dorian Grey, Meow Top Rose
Idiosyncrasy-Mia Sunkissed Base (unreleased)

Pic 3
Fake-Fakies Pants Pinstripe, Wannabe Academic Pink
Idiosyncrasy– Lucy makeup 6 Sunkissed

Tuli, Tuli, Tuli….And A Wee Bit Of Axel

For days I’ve been running round in this outfit, which is really unusual for me. I’m always changing, futzing, fixing and trying on. But this outfit just feels so right, comfy and me.

The gorgeous, whimsical patchwork top is from Tuli. I first saw it on Sasy, and completely cursed myself for not seeing it in Tuli’s store at The Deck. I have the socks from Pig perma attached to me nowadays, so a cute denim skirt was the perfect match, to show off both. I chose one from Axel that’s been sitting in my bulging Axel folder for awhile, I still have stuff in there from a massive spending spree that I haven’t worn yet…..bad Ash :P

My hair is 10 shades of cute. It’s the Olivia style from Tiny Bird. It was also 1L for Mother’s Day, thanks to Autumn’s generosity. The jeans and top shown here are also from Tuli. The skully top is actually part of a dress, but can be worn separately thanks to clever layering options. My skin, well it’s just perfect for the look and feel I wanted. Erin from La Sylphide is sadly retired, but remains as gorgeous now as it did when it was first released. Maybe it’s time for me to do some srs begging to get it back out there! Ash Out.

Erin-La Sylphide (sadly retired)
Tiny Bird
Tops and Jeans
Denim Skirt

The Independent

The weather is heating up – at least in the northern hemisphere – and I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to go to more concerts in the summer. My favorite type of concert to attend? Outdoor indie rock shows! And my first outfit to blog happens to a) be my absolute favorite outfit and b) represent exactly what I’d wear to one of these concerts.

Since most concerts I attend occur in the evening hours, and it tends to get chilly as the night wears on, I’m wearing a jacket, which makes it both slightly dressier and definitely adds to the stylishness of the outfit.

– Ashia Designs
, custom
Hair – ETD, Charley in Honey
Necklace/Locket – Coquette,
Piracy in Silver
Jacket – AW Design,
Shirl Business Suit in Black
T-shirt – Armidi Limited,
Distant Hearts Tee in Green
Jeans – League,
Drrty Jeans in Grunge
Shoes – Akeyo,

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