Love, Actually

Every Christmas, I watch Love Actually and have a really good happy cry. Being a single mum means being a superhero, and mostly badass, cos I dont have the luxury of saying “wait till your father gets home” My watching of this movie, and letting myself get immersed for 2 hours every year has become something of a ritual for me. I have been spoilt rotten both in sl and rl this year, it being my first Christmas with my family for 14 years, and Mini Ash’s first family Christmas ever.

I’m showing some of the sl gifts I was so lucky to receive. It must be hard to buy for our group, knowing that not only are we hardcore shoppers, but also cos we blog, we already have a shiltload of stuff. We somehow muddled through (le sigh :P) and got each other some great gifts. We have all been rocking the nails from Mandala, I blame that Whimsy and her accessories addiction, it’s starting to rub off on me. After seeing the vendors ads on the feed a few months ago and getting sidetracked searching for one of the poses used, I had forgotten it was a store I wanted to check out. So when we landed there and I saw what is prob my fave sl ad of all time I squeed. The pieces are so beautiful and well made, you’ll want to own them all. The jacket is a terrible generous group gift from Muism, that our Sileny rocked so epicly on FS, theres a guys and girls version, so hurry and grab it before it poofs from notices. The dress is from a new to me store LP Designs. It’s the perfect mini dress and you could totally throw some leggings or jeans under it to dress it down.

Once upon a time, I had a folder full of clothes from Viva La Glam, it has vanished into the ether, but the store hasnt. And lucky you, theres a wee sale going on too, till January. I got loads while I was there, but was sad to see old stock wasnt out, cos I would have re-bought everything I lost. I had the best jeans, overalls and dresses……wah! Anyhoo, enough whining from me, I have to get ready for family xmas part 2, The Revenge Of The Evil Brother :p Ash Out.

Pic 1
LP Designs
Pic 2
Mr Sigmund

Ooh newness!

Oh today has been soo up there on the awesomesauce scale. I gots to hang out with Noodle, it’s been so long, the timezone thinger sucks pus. We bought all sorts of fabutastic stuff before she dragged me (yes dragged kicking and screaming) to Runoruno to check out the newness.

Shown above is the After Ballet Class Skirt and the Weave Jacket. Yup total yum, and the perfect foil for my Riding Boots from Coco, which I had picked up a few weeks before the Footwear Expo. There are alot of prims, so be prepared for some editing, although Ms Runo is kind enough to not only provide her hip measurements, but also editing instructions for newer players, not bad ay!

Ah my fabulous new Lace-Up Workboots from Coco. They are made of so much bloody win I don’t know where to start. Wear em loose, wear em normal, even wear them with handy dandy denim cuffs so you have an attachment point free for your jeans. Yea, you heard right :P Although I have to say, at 4am, I found the cuffs confuzling, and it was decided by persons other than myself that sleep was needed, mmhm. The skirt is also brand spanking new from Runorono, it’s The Patent Skirt. I’m wearing it with the top of the Silk Dress, which is deliciously sheer, and a purchase I made months ago with Sasy giggling at me in voice. Now back to packing, I’m moving in a few days, and I for one cannot fucking wait. Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)


There is much sadness. After spending a blissful 2 weeks with my love, sadly time is up and he went home yesterday. However, on the plus side, we got engaged :P And now after moving to London just a few weeks ago, I’ll be moving to Seattle next year! I’m kinda glad I can still be a bit of a gypsy, it just wouldn’t be *me* if I wasn’t trotting round the globe with mini Ash in tow.

So for the first time in ages, here I am on the grid, looking for trouble and trying very hard not to shop. Paradisis clothes always have the power to cheer me up, especially the skirt that looks suspiciously like a belt :P

I’ve paired a few oldtime faves with an amazing coat from Jeckalicious, which I scored for free as part of the Demonology Hunt. It really is an amazing gift, so many ways to wear it and loads of options, Ash=happy. Now it’s back to emoing, I may just spam Flickr with moody pics full of diffuse glow :p Ash Out.

Micro skirt-Paradisis
Wrapped Boots-AVZ
Pushed And Shoved-VW (now Epoque)
Devon Makeup 6 Sunkissed-Idiosyncrasy

Moar Badassery

After feeling so Kick yer butt yesterday, I found it carried over into my shopping. I was all about the tatts and piercings, and black baby, lots of fucking black.

After dropping heaps at Atomic (btw the new tatts are amazing) it was time for a store crawl, Sasy was in search of a teeny dress she had seen on the feed. That bought it was time to actually let GothiCatz rez and look round.

Several outfits grabbed me, but my first purchase was Echo. Hot black leather? Check. Full length coat? Check. Pants to match? Check. The collar alone was enough for me to right click-buy. All the prim pieces come with resizer scripts, which I totally needed for the skirt part of the coat, being not only short, but a totally different shape from the creator. However, it was all sorted in less than 2 mins and looking quite spiffy :P

I have several more outfits to show you from there, in later posts, I was so glad I revisited, although my Slwallet was groaning at me ;P Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy-Lucy Got Beatdown (not available for sale)
Mad-Black Maria


The first “proper” skin I bought in sl was a Nomine skin. I remember looking at those full red lips on the vendor and falling completely in love. I also remember spending a lot of time cammed on myself after finally buying it :P So when I heard there was a sale at Nomine, and all clothes are 100L, it was tp, buy lindens, buy the whole store!!

I’m showing 2 very different looks today. The first being the amazing Trenchcoat in Aztec paired with brown leather pants and yummy specs from the “Steampunkt” collection. I bought all of the coats, cos I couldn’t decide which one I loved most. Aztec may have won my little pixel heart though :P

Here is the most amazing “Mina” dress in red. You get the choice of bustle or more fitted skirt, and some very sexy matching lingerie, perfect for peeling off layer by layer ;) The detail on this dress is outstanding, I especially love the way the bustled skirt drapes, makes me want to run my hands over the material. The sale ends Monday, midnight slt, go spend some L’s!! Ash Out.


All White On The Night

What does one wear to the biggest party of the year, when the dress code required is white? It was only one choice for me, the Determined Coat by Digit Darkes!! It has the right amount of flair and drama, and you can dress it any way you choose! I wore jeans with it this time, but I have been known to flash my undies wearing it previously XD!!


The Aspire party went off with a bang! Full of new friends and old, gifts, fun and laughter! The new magazine’s not bad either XD!


You can grab your copy here, and possibly the party gifts!! With designers such as Sn@tch, Callie Cline, HUB, HOH, Aoharu, Punch Drunk and more we were thoroughly spoilt. And I got to hang out with my 2 oldest friends who I haven’t seen for weeks. Thanks to all the Aspire staff, and Ken and Kid for the bestest night eva!

Ash’s Outfit
Determined Coat-Digit Darkes

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