Weekend=New Releases!

Yes it’s new release time!! This hair from Diversity is the shit! It’s perfect Ash hair, unfussy, blonde and kyoot!! You may still have time to grab a heavily discounted colour pack, just don’t ask me which one, cos my lips are sealed!

Wigwambam New Release 1

I’m a huge fan of Jojo from Wigwambam, and get totally giggly and excited when she drops a new release on me. First up is this gorgy shorts outfit. I love the cut- out detailing, if you luff your sl bewbs, this one’s for you.

Wigwambam New Release 2

Next are these incredible sweater dresses. You have to see them on to believe the amazing detail.

Wigwambam New Release 3

They come with tights also if you’re shy about bearing your legs!! As with all of the clothes from Wigwambam, the textures are hand drawn and beautiful. They will be available at the main store in the very near future.


Reica-Diversity Hair

Body Politik

Lazy Places

Tekeli-li (old group gift)


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