I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who had a gothy/punk faze when they first came to SL. Back when I started all those years ago, there was only one place that catered to all your dark needs, and that was Goth1c0. I wore their spike cuffs for 2 years straight, and stomped around in the biggest boots on the grid looking menacing and taking no prisoners. It’s a store that holds a dear place in my heart, and I’m sure lots of ’06/’07 babies feel the same. It was an absolute joy to me to rediscover this awesome store the other day.

Gothico 2

The Rusher outfit is decostructed gorgeousness held together by a beautiful posture collar. It also comes with garters, undies, 2 options for the leather sleeve and shoulder pad and a whole lotta sass! It does not however come with pasties, but as I have 5468745867839 different kinds of pasties in my inventory that wasnt a problem for me!

Gothico 1

The Militia dress is nipped and tucked in all the right places and appeals to my love of military apparel. The stockings are so detailed, I just adore them…not least for the fact that fishnet is a tough nut to crack in SL! My skin is Natasha, by moi. As the Skin and Shape expo is closing today, Natasha will now be available at my main store at the Deck. Look out for the notice when it’s all set and ready to go!

Hair – Lelutka Inverted
Skin – Idiosyncrasy Natasha
Boots – Slink Whitney
Outifts – Got1c0 The Rusher & The Milicia Dress
Pasties – LG Femme Souvenir From Japan
Poses – Maitreya

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Hair Fair 2010


SL is an amazing place, yes it frustrates us when the grid is broken, but without the grid, borked or working, we would lose this incredible medium of communication with each other. My luck in this virtual world is to be surrounded by some of the most creative, talented women on the grid. One such woman is Helena Stringer. If you look up the word scrappy in the SL dictionary, it has a picture of her demon self, no doubt petrifying a mere mortal :P This year, she has beaten the RL odds, and now..thank goodness has come back to us with an array of goodies to make us drool.

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Hair Fair 2010

Shown above is the fair exclusive hair Pearl Persuasion. Yup…I totally have a whole heap of pearls on my head…and don’t they look divine! You could soo do the modern Marie Antoinette, or take it in a completely different direction as I chose to.

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Hair Fair 2010

I have robots!!!! Teeny robots decorating my head…thanks to RoboBambie. The textures are absolutely amazing, I chose the pastel rainbows pack.

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Hair Fair 2010

Heres more of the same…sans robots. And to bring it full circle, that it’s not just about the hair….we hit the million linden mark sometime yesterday. I’m so proud of all the designers who gave their time this year, and my fellow committee members, you all rock! Ash Out.

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Hair Fair
BodysuitLine @ Designers United



Today is a very very good day in Ashland!! Not only are there some scrummy releases from E! Eclectic, but Redgrave has done something I find very interesting, yus we have RP skins!!!

e2 copy

But first, one of the gorgeous dresses from E! I had been looking for a dress just like the Masami dress shown here, for ages. I had originaly wanted to do a seventies kinda look, but the best laid plans always go to waste (read I’m very easily distracted!) I chose the red for this post, but theres a huge range of colours, so youre sure to find your favorite.

e3 copy

So, Redgrave and vampire/RP are not really words one would expect to find in the same sentence, but here we are! Trinity is an incredible release. I went with the Daylight pack, as they required minimal tweaking.

e4 copy

The makeups are absolutely spectacular, and such a departure from the signature Redgrave look…a welcome departure in my book. You really have to see these on inworld, I was totally floored, especially by the teary mascara. There is of course the usual smudgy look, but these tears look so real!

e5 copy

You get 12 makeups in this pack, and a choice of base/bald. Sadly no cleavage option, perhaps thats something that will be added later as you can get “bewbs” for every other tone.


And just for fun, Jussy and me at “dinnertime” hehehe. She’s also wearing a dress from E! It’s called Minami, and is more of a babydoll style, with very sexy spaggetti straps. Now I gotta go clean up, humans are such messy creatures when you have them for dinner over for dinner :P Ash Out.

E! – Eclectic



School’s Out

School, college, university………one of the most popular RP scenarios in SL. I won’t name sims, you already know them you dirty lot :P Guys generally take on the “teacher” role, not counting the fabulous headmistress at School Girls Gone Bad, but thats a bedtime story for another time.

Dressing the part helps suspend your belief and immerse yourself in the RP, much in the same way a snippet of fact in a book of fiction tricks your brain into believing the whole story.

SL is all about possibilities, and I have such fun turning stereotypes on their heads. Sure, wanna play naughty college students? I’ll be the teacher dammit :p Thats why I was more than stoked to find the outfit I’m showing today.

This school teachers outfit from MPS is so hot it should be fucking illegal. I blame Sasy of course, for posting the cheeky mini skirts from there. As soon as this rezzed in for me, it was right click buy with no hesitation at all. It even comes with a nifty pointer, which could double as a switch depending on your frame of mind. On the RP subject, one thing that never ceases to amaze me, is the people that say they loath it so much, they have a whole list of scenarios that upset them listed in their profiles, while claiming to never have set foot in an RP sim. Really, really? I call shenanigans. Ash Out.


The Future Is Sn@tch

The first of my series of posts for the amazing 2010-The Future Is Now event. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat, along with Eden and Jussy. There were some absolute stunners, and it was incredible to see everyone thinking outside the box.

future5 copy1

As soon as this came down the runway, Jussy and I were all WANT. Then when we realised it was created by Ivey as Sn@tch‘s contribution, we were DOUBLE WANT. The avatar is absolutely stunning in every way. It comes complete with skin, hair, eyes, clothes, and the showstopper tentacles.

future4 copy1

Kali is the Goddess of time and change, and has been flung into the 21st century exqusitely by Ivey. If the future is nipple tentacles, gimme moremoremore!! I wanted Jussy to model for me, cos she totally rocked the av hard. Now I’ve got to catch up with my overflowing to blog folder, a week off is like a month in SL :P Ash Out.

Sn@tch (only available at the Greenies sim)
Ms Infinity

We Interrupt Your Cute Scheduling……………….

It started last night, as most things in our crew do, with an “omgomgomgomg” IM. We ended up TP’ing round the grid grabbing amazingness and I had a quick convo with Ivey as to how I could have missed her releasing a posture collar (more on that in a later post). Somehow we got separated at Sn@tch, and I was in Pulse while Whimsy and Sasy were still in Sn@tch City.

The credit for finding this amazing outfit all goes to Whimsy, who stood in front of it while rezzing, then squealed in voice about how gorgy the kimono was next to it. I landed on her head and the Ghost Hakama outfit by Selos Dae of Trap rezzed in for me. No word of a lie, it took my breath away.

It was made for the Fantasy Fair and is an accompanying piece to the Ishiko Kimono from Gauze. It is absolutely stunning and proof positive for me that Selos should branch out and make more clothes ASAP, now, kthnx :P

There are parts for guys and girls, and even though I’m teeny, I didn’t need to adjust a thing. I feel so badass in fact, I ran round doing 50L Fridays dressed thusly, lag and everyone be dammned! Now I’m off to get mini Ash from school, then collapse, as four hours in the tattoo chair is alot, even for a badass such as myself :P Ash Out.

Ghost Hakama-Trap
Mia Doll-Idiosyncrasy

Kitsune Couture And The Fair

Ms Justice dragged me to the Jewelery Fair very early SLT. For her it was 5am, and she’d been up for nearly 24hrs (she works ridonculously long hours) I’m not usually an accesories fan ( terribly not fashion of me, I know) but I did find an amazing store that I fell in love with. Also, Sasy sent me to grab some Ug boots, and me being dopey couldn’t find them. Cue emo whining, and she tp’d in to hold my hand :P Then her hair rezzed. Then it was all over for the poor boots, sasy’s hair won. She introduced me to the designer Niennra Kitsune, much chatting ensued, and she drowned me in hair, literally.


Gfield is a new to me store, apparently I live under a rock, because how on earth they escaped my radar is beyond me! I fell in love so hard with the Rusty Rose set, bloody of course.


The head wreath is just breathtaking. I have a bajillion ideas for photos with this, stuff that inspires stuff is total win.


I’ll tell you a wee bit about Niennra. You may have previously associated her with the Magika brand. Until recently she worked with Sabina, the fashion section was hers. She has struck out on her own now, with Sabina’s blessing. The result is Kitsune Couture. The hair is gorgy, my fave textures, I love the blonde, srsly.


She also has clothes!!! Soo worth a look. Now that’s entirely enough writing for me, as my arm has swollen to twice the size it was yesterday and aches like a motherfucker. Ash Out.

All Jewelery
Gfield @ The Jewlery Fair
All Hair
Kitsune Couture
All Skins


There is much sadness. After spending a blissful 2 weeks with my love, sadly time is up and he went home yesterday. However, on the plus side, we got engaged :P And now after moving to London just a few weeks ago, I’ll be moving to Seattle next year! I’m kinda glad I can still be a bit of a gypsy, it just wouldn’t be *me* if I wasn’t trotting round the globe with mini Ash in tow.

So for the first time in ages, here I am on the grid, looking for trouble and trying very hard not to shop. Paradisis clothes always have the power to cheer me up, especially the skirt that looks suspiciously like a belt :P

I’ve paired a few oldtime faves with an amazing coat from Jeckalicious, which I scored for free as part of the Demonology Hunt. It really is an amazing gift, so many ways to wear it and loads of options, Ash=happy. Now it’s back to emoing, I may just spam Flickr with moody pics full of diffuse glow :p Ash Out.

Micro skirt-Paradisis
Wrapped Boots-AVZ
Pushed And Shoved-VW (now Epoque)
Devon Makeup 6 Sunkissed-Idiosyncrasy


A few weeks ago Terry invited me to a party. Being the anti social creature I am, I ummed and ahhed, then finally agreed to go.

hd1 copy

Haven Designs was having a grand reopening, and there was much celebration. Of course terry made the all time fatal mistake of going AFK, leaving me all alone with my wallet and camera….damn her :P By the time she got back I was a few fatpacks down and breathing hard. However, there was absolutely no buyer’s remorse, as I was totally stoked with my purchases. The first set shown is the Tory Rags in grey. Just a hint of naughtiness, the strips of material placed oh so strategically.

hd2 copy

The Flourish set, shown here in red is to die for. The material hoiked up and draped over one hip, so yummy. These are clothes you just feel sexy wearing, whether or not you’re an RPer, there is always room for more hawtness in your inv.

hd3 copy

The Willow camisk is so cheeky and adorable, with a whisper of nipple showing, it looks like the camisk is sliding slowly off your body, delicious. I was lucky enough to win a giftcard later in the party, and got loads more that I will show at a later date. Thank you terry for inviting me, and thank you Delora, for such yummies. Ash Out.

Haven Designs

Dark Eden

So the other day I was totally raiding Sasy’s pose stand (the one out atm has over 2,000 poses in it…wicked!) and once I was done with my pics and looked over to see what she was actually doing I was like “wow”. She was taking pics for this post, us girls look so fecking awesome in tuxedos. But she was looking for stockings, when she stumbled on the ones shown, part of the Lilith set from Dark Eden. Then I got yelled at for not having said Lilith set ;P

By chance my friend Terry passed me a card today, saying that the lucky chairs at Dark Eden had been updated, so off I went. Terry had to go afk, and by the time she came back I had bought the whole store. I blame her……..really I do, ahem.

Terry also owns most of Dark Eden’s inv, so we had a wicked time trying stuff on, and my dark/light idea was born. Terry is wearing the most amazing set of silks I have ever seen. Click on the photos for the largest size to see the incredible prim work. There are fairies interlaced throughout her silks and crown, so original and so beautiful. I of course am in the Lileth set, choosing the bare option. If you buy the mega set, you get a mind boggling array of not only layer and style choices, but size choices. Genius if you ask me.

What I also loved was how I felt when wearing this set, all powerful, rawr and well, beautiful :P If you haven’t been for awhile, please do check Dark Eden out, there’s something for all tastes, including a cool new line of magic gear. SOLD! Ash Out.

EDIT: Apparently there is some confusion over the skin I am wearing. It is Curio as stated. Terry is wearing Grace from PXL.

Dark Eden
Ash’s Skin
Ash’s Hair

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