The Future Is Sn@tch

The first of my series of posts for the amazing 2010-The Future Is Now event. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat, along with Eden and Jussy. There were some absolute stunners, and it was incredible to see everyone thinking outside the box.

future5 copy1

As soon as this came down the runway, Jussy and I were all WANT. Then when we realised it was created by Ivey as Sn@tch‘s contribution, we were DOUBLE WANT. The avatar is absolutely stunning in every way. It comes complete with skin, hair, eyes, clothes, and the showstopper tentacles.

future4 copy1

Kali is the Goddess of time and change, and has been flung into the 21st century exqusitely by Ivey. If the future is nipple tentacles, gimme moremoremore!! I wanted Jussy to model for me, cos she totally rocked the av hard. Now I’ve got to catch up with my overflowing to blog folder, a week off is like a month in SL :P Ash Out.

Sn@tch (only available at the Greenies sim)
Ms Infinity

HairFair Part 4

Moar moar moar. These last couple of days have been the biggest fix for a self confessed hair hoowa such as myself. Looking at hair, trying on hair, buying hair…..I even got happy filing said hair in my hair folder ahem.


As mentioned previously, so many stores I love in the 4 sims of Hair Fair, I can hardly contain myself. Vignette is one I discovered a couple of months ago when Rachel Boram sent me some hair, and I fangirled her like woa. Her fair offerings rock hard.

je republic

I’ve always known JE*Republic for being the makers of my awesome legwarmer boots, but it seems i was slack at my keeping up with stuff duties :P This cute hair is actually a fair gift, yay!


Love this hair, love the store Inorite, LOVE. Did I mention how much I love this hair? Awesome.

raspberry aristocrat
Raspberry Aristocrat

Raspberry Aristocrat was a new discovery for me, this hair being my favie. I can’t wait to see more.

groovy girl
Groovy Girl

Groovy Girl is another new one for me, and actually posed the biggest problem when it came to shooting….cos I loved all the hair so much, I couldn’t decide which bloody one to show :P


Tiara? Check. Gorgeous updo? Check. Get thee to Tekuteku to release your hidden (or not so hidden :P) princess.


Another gorgeous updo I absolutely couldn’t resist. This is one of the offerings from HOH, and is the perfect ice queen shade of platinum blonde *swoons*


And finally, another updo (I love em) this one being from MADesigns. This made me feel all sexy secretary, like it was just waiting to be ruffled. That’s it for now, tomoz it’s Bandana time. Ash Out.

HairFair Part 3

HAVE YOU BEEN YET??!! I’m about to deprim and go back to the booths that weren’t quite ready yesterday, and also grab the styles I wanted but had only demoed.


In the meantime, check out some of the yummies I did manage to grab. The “Radioactive Foam Falls” shown above was one of my first purchases. It really grabbed me, and goes fabulously with my cyber goggles from Kin.

adam and eve
Adam And Eve

This is Adam And Eve’s charity style……BUY IT :P

Clawtooth By Clawtooth

Oh Bubbles loves me, yes he does. And I, I love Bubbles for making me look so adorable, even when I’m dead. Grab this and other fabulous styles from Clawtooth By Clawtooth.

fashinably dead
Fashionably Dead

Sasy and the rest of us nearly peed our pants laughing when we tried on the demos from Fashionably Dead. You get posed in a booth, with a nice tache , I think my demo put me in a toilet, but don’t quote me on that :P


Bishwear make amazing curls, and the style shown above is no exception, it’s stunning.

Blood Royal

Blood Royal was a new to me store, but I so loved everything. The style shown above is called “Emo” and has a colour change band.They also have a wicked asymmetric bob I couldn’t wait to get in my hot little hands. Deprim, spend big and have fun. Ash Out.

Start Here.

Hairfair-Part One

Can’t breathe, sooooooooo much yumminess it has to be divided up for fear of overload.



Hair fair 09 opens in a few hours, and I can’t wait!!! Here are some of the goodies you can find there.

miau haus


Like last year, I was stoked to find new to me stores and loads of my faves. Alot of the booths weren’t set up when I zipped through, but I somehow managed to drop 10000L *ahem*

hair solutions


Sasy, Justice, Arabella and myself squealed like teenage girls, well Ara was quite restrained compared to me :P. Many booths also have dollarbies, with all the proceeds going to Locks of Love, and the majority of the regular priced hair donates 50% or more.



The build is cuter than cute, and if you follow the chocolate path, it takes you effortlessly round all 4 sims. Deprim, spend big and squee with pleasure :P Ash Out.


Sometimes SL is a very small place or so it seems. Just last night I was AO shopping, and saw the most amazing hair on a girl in the store. I inspected her, pulled up the creator’s profile and promptly crashed :P

Fast forward to today and I was doing a shoot with the yummy Delicious Dollinger, and she was telling me about her friend who was in Hairfair, and was all stoked. Then she told me her name…… Tabata Jewell, yup, same as the creator I was gonna check out last night!!! Vanity Hair has some absolutely stunning styles. I was all kinds of fangirl squee trying all the demos.

There is something for everyone here, but if your taste borders on the slightly more adventurous, then Vanity is definitely for you.

Any of the hair that comes with bands or scarves are click to change texture, which I actually found worked better for me than a menu, especially on my craptop!

Bottom line, I loved the whole store, I nearly bought the whole store :P Try the demos, and grab a sneak peek of the hair Tabata’s put together for Hairfair, they look awesome. Ash Out.

Vanity Hair
Deviant Kitties


A few weeks ago Terry invited me to a party. Being the anti social creature I am, I ummed and ahhed, then finally agreed to go.

hd1 copy

Haven Designs was having a grand reopening, and there was much celebration. Of course terry made the all time fatal mistake of going AFK, leaving me all alone with my wallet and camera….damn her :P By the time she got back I was a few fatpacks down and breathing hard. However, there was absolutely no buyer’s remorse, as I was totally stoked with my purchases. The first set shown is the Tory Rags in grey. Just a hint of naughtiness, the strips of material placed oh so strategically.

hd2 copy

The Flourish set, shown here in red is to die for. The material hoiked up and draped over one hip, so yummy. These are clothes you just feel sexy wearing, whether or not you’re an RPer, there is always room for more hawtness in your inv.

hd3 copy

The Willow camisk is so cheeky and adorable, with a whisper of nipple showing, it looks like the camisk is sliding slowly off your body, delicious. I was lucky enough to win a giftcard later in the party, and got loads more that I will show at a later date. Thank you terry for inviting me, and thank you Delora, for such yummies. Ash Out.

Haven Designs

Tuli, Tuli, Tuli….And A Wee Bit Of Axel

For days I’ve been running round in this outfit, which is really unusual for me. I’m always changing, futzing, fixing and trying on. But this outfit just feels so right, comfy and me.

The gorgeous, whimsical patchwork top is from Tuli. I first saw it on Sasy, and completely cursed myself for not seeing it in Tuli’s store at The Deck. I have the socks from Pig perma attached to me nowadays, so a cute denim skirt was the perfect match, to show off both. I chose one from Axel that’s been sitting in my bulging Axel folder for awhile, I still have stuff in there from a massive spending spree that I haven’t worn yet…..bad Ash :P

My hair is 10 shades of cute. It’s the Olivia style from Tiny Bird. It was also 1L for Mother’s Day, thanks to Autumn’s generosity. The jeans and top shown here are also from Tuli. The skully top is actually part of a dress, but can be worn separately thanks to clever layering options. My skin, well it’s just perfect for the look and feel I wanted. Erin from La Sylphide is sadly retired, but remains as gorgeous now as it did when it was first released. Maybe it’s time for me to do some srs begging to get it back out there! Ash Out.

Erin-La Sylphide (sadly retired)
Tiny Bird
Tops and Jeans
Denim Skirt

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