Fashionably Dead @ hair Fair 2010


Last year’s Hair Fair offering from Toast Bard had me running round wearing a saucepan on my head, I even worked it wearing a ballgown once :P This year’s hair is romantic, soft and gorgeous.

Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair
Native in Cream Filling

I bought the Earths pack in the 4 styles I’m showing, as I’ve been flitting between blonde and brunette lately, but honestly, nothing beats a naturals pack….I miss those!

Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair
Twins in Peanut

This is perfect Jussy hair, I hope she grabs it after having cleaned out all the guy stores for the shorter hair offerings!

Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair
Bug Lady in Cream Filling

This is the perfect choppy bob, I love the fringe (bangs if youre in the states!)

Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair
Lopsided Lilly in Peanut

This last style reminds me of the time mini me came into the lounge room from the kitchen, and handed me a chunk of her beautiful baby curls that she had lopped off while I was on the phone, I’m still not over that one :P Check out Fashionably Dead, as well as the other incredible designers at this years Hair Fair, there really is something for everyone. Ash Out.


Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair

Paris LullabyIngenue

Demon Cake

Hair Fair Part 6

For this fair post, I wanted to showcase one designer. Black Maria has long been my go to store for alternative, in yer face attitude hair. Last year, I dragged my friends round the grid looking for a half hawk for about 4 hours, then ended up finding it at Black Maria, and was all “dammit wth didn’t I start here?!!”

bm1 copy

On preview day, I had combed the fair looking for the BM booth, only to discover it wasn’t set up yet. I braved the lag a couple of days ago, to go back and drop some money, and the first thing that rezzed in the booth was a sign saying 100% of the proceeds got to Locks Of Love. Then more signs rezzed, all saying the same thing. I was squeeing in the blogger’s group about it with Sileny, and anyone else who was listening, then went into buyer’s frenzy. The style shown above is called Mad, and I love it like woa.

bm2 copy

This one is called Alto, and is one of those deliciously deceptive styles, very sweet and innocent from the front, with the cute bangs and ponytail, then turn to the side and BAM!!!! Completely shaved sides………soo hawt. If you’re a hawk fan, the Black Maria booth is the one you need to make a point of stopping at, also if you wanna get in Opera Qunhua’s IM box for a bit of fangirling like I did, feel free :P Ash Out.

Black Maria @ Hair Fair
Shorts, Dress & Suspenders
Luck Inc
Bax Cohen
Pic 1-Yourskin Yourshape
Pic 2-Curio

Bandana Day

Every year in Aus, we have a little event called Bandana Day. I say we, even though I have moved, I’m still Aussie :P

Bandana Day notice

bandana sas
Sasy’s Bandana

The SL version of Bandana Day will be July 3rd, and it’s always been a massive part of the fundraising effort for Locks Of Love. Every year, kits get sent out, to designers, bloggers, anyone who wants to get involved. The Bandanas get customised and are sold for 50L at the fair, with all the proceeds going to Locks Of Love.

bandana damselfly
Damselfly’s Bandana

I’ve picked my 4 favies to show you. Going without hair for 24 hours doesn’t have to be a nerve racking experience. Take the opportunity to make a statement, fashion or otherwise.

bandana mia
Miasnow’s Bandana

You also get an exclusive accessory, designed for just this occasion. Looking good, knowing your money is going to a good cause, what more could you ask for?

bandana whims
Ms Whimsy Winx’s Bandana

Check out the incredible work that went into Ms Whimsy’s bandana. Remind me to beat her up later for being so talented :P Replace your hair and show you care on July 3rd. Ash Out.

Hair Fair 09.

HairFair Part 4

Moar moar moar. These last couple of days have been the biggest fix for a self confessed hair hoowa such as myself. Looking at hair, trying on hair, buying hair…..I even got happy filing said hair in my hair folder ahem.


As mentioned previously, so many stores I love in the 4 sims of Hair Fair, I can hardly contain myself. Vignette is one I discovered a couple of months ago when Rachel Boram sent me some hair, and I fangirled her like woa. Her fair offerings rock hard.

je republic

I’ve always known JE*Republic for being the makers of my awesome legwarmer boots, but it seems i was slack at my keeping up with stuff duties :P This cute hair is actually a fair gift, yay!


Love this hair, love the store Inorite, LOVE. Did I mention how much I love this hair? Awesome.

raspberry aristocrat
Raspberry Aristocrat

Raspberry Aristocrat was a new discovery for me, this hair being my favie. I can’t wait to see more.

groovy girl
Groovy Girl

Groovy Girl is another new one for me, and actually posed the biggest problem when it came to shooting….cos I loved all the hair so much, I couldn’t decide which bloody one to show :P


Tiara? Check. Gorgeous updo? Check. Get thee to Tekuteku to release your hidden (or not so hidden :P) princess.


Another gorgeous updo I absolutely couldn’t resist. This is one of the offerings from HOH, and is the perfect ice queen shade of platinum blonde *swoons*


And finally, another updo (I love em) this one being from MADesigns. This made me feel all sexy secretary, like it was just waiting to be ruffled. That’s it for now, tomoz it’s Bandana time. Ash Out.

HairFair Part 3

HAVE YOU BEEN YET??!! I’m about to deprim and go back to the booths that weren’t quite ready yesterday, and also grab the styles I wanted but had only demoed.


In the meantime, check out some of the yummies I did manage to grab. The “Radioactive Foam Falls” shown above was one of my first purchases. It really grabbed me, and goes fabulously with my cyber goggles from Kin.

adam and eve
Adam And Eve

This is Adam And Eve’s charity style……BUY IT :P

Clawtooth By Clawtooth

Oh Bubbles loves me, yes he does. And I, I love Bubbles for making me look so adorable, even when I’m dead. Grab this and other fabulous styles from Clawtooth By Clawtooth.

fashinably dead
Fashionably Dead

Sasy and the rest of us nearly peed our pants laughing when we tried on the demos from Fashionably Dead. You get posed in a booth, with a nice tache , I think my demo put me in a toilet, but don’t quote me on that :P


Bishwear make amazing curls, and the style shown above is no exception, it’s stunning.

Blood Royal

Blood Royal was a new to me store, but I so loved everything. The style shown above is called “Emo” and has a colour change band.They also have a wicked asymmetric bob I couldn’t wait to get in my hot little hands. Deprim, spend big and have fun. Ash Out.

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