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I’ve been so inspired lately, since making shadows work. At first the battle was getting them to show up, then it was getting settings I liked. After that it was making a kinda studio area that was open enough so that shadows still worked. Then later still it was making that area as pretty as a picture (pun intended :P) All this wittering does have a point I assure you! While wanting to make my spiffy new studio even moar spiffy, I knew it was the time to go through my huge props and poses folder and utilise some of the gorgeous stuff I had left to languish in there. It was also around this time I had a major meltdown when I realised that folder, and all of it’s contents were missing from my inv. Several fixes later and it still hasnt come back, so I was down about 50,000L’s worth in inventory and very emo to say the least.

circle 2

So off to xsteet I went and found a great free pose prop thing. That was so gorgeous I went to the main store, and perved the creators profile. That led me to The Circle Project, as the creator had a special pose scene there (to be shown at a later date!) Once that was safely filed away, it was time to clothes shop baby!! The first store I went into was pesca, and the Haori1 immediately caught my eye. I havent seen anything like it before in SL and it reminds me of something my best friend wore for years and I always wanted to nab!

circle 1

Then it was next door into The Sea Hole, where I had some kind of buying frenzy. I pretty much picked up at least one of everything that was in there, sometimes two….but we wont talk about my addictions today :P

circle 3

The perfect peasant blouse!!! Absolutely gorgeous, and soo works with a pair of flares.

circle 4

Seriously, who can resist showing off their legs with a supercute playsuit? This one comes in an array of textures, I chose the girliest one I could! I have many more purchases to show from this particular outing, but I had to split it up as I really did shop till I dropped!

Pic 1
Jacket – Pesca @ The Circle Project – Haori1
Top – Priss @ The Circle Project – Miss Spring Tank (worn without attachments)
Jeans – So Many Styles @ The Circle Project – Denim Light Blue

Pic 2
Top – The Sea Hole @ The Circle Project – Sheer Tank and Scarf Set
Pants – The Sea Hole – @ The Circle Project – Dita Flared jean

Pic 3
Top – The Sea Hole @ The Circle Project – Kashmir Blouse
Pants – The Sea Hole @ The Circle Project – Dita Flared Jean

Pic 4
Playsuit – The Sea Hole @ The Circle Project – Nicosia Sun Suit

Hair & Skin
worn throughout
Hair – Kin – Cricket
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha Natural Base

Poses & Props
Screen – What Next – So Boho Dressing Screen Pose Prop
Mannequin – What Next – Paperdoll Mannequin
(Huge thanks to Winter for being an absolute legend and redelivering an Xstreet purchase that got lost in the ether!!!)
Bird Frame – LISP – Mint Frame
Typewriter & Suitcase – M.Fox (not available anymore)


I have a pretty spectacular inventory, after over 4 years inworld and a pretty hardcore shopping addiction I really love the pieces of SL history I’ve accumulated along the way. I’m feeling nostalgic as once again Inventory Episode has hit a milestone. My little blog is 3 years old, and although it’s been terribly neglected for the best part of a year, I do love it so. To celebrate, I thought I would show just a couple of my favorite things from the last 3 years, new and old favorites.

VR 2

In 2009, LeLutka put on a huge and quite incredible fashion show, Fashion Experiment. I was lucky enough to be invited, though due to timezone bullfuckery I couldnt attend. I did spend up a storm though, totally falling in love with all the pieces from that release. Two years later, these releases still hold their own, showing just how ahead of itself as a brand LeLutka was back then. I love the structure of the dresses, the sexiness of the pants, and of course, the military feel of the Postal jacket still rocks my world! Shown above is Raven, that I have beautifuly accessorised with the amazing Harness Gag from VR Foundry. Another product ahead of it’s time, an award winner in ’06, it’s the gag other BDSM aficionados base their own on (albeit surreptitiously…bad bad copy botters). This gag can match any outfit and any avatar as it has the nifty advantage of being modifiable, something Vivian feels very strongly about. As for the features…I’ll let you road test those yourselves :P

VR 1

Postal shown above, ticks all the boxes for me. Pairing them with the Mithra pants was a no brainer, stunning leather, gorgeous fit, and knee pads!!! It also gave me a chance to slip into the beautiful platform pumps from J’s. They are perfection, from the blood red sole to the shape of the platform, love love them. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites as much as I have enjoyed wearing them!

Gag – VR Foundry Harness Gag
Hair – LaqUpdo
Skin & Blonde Hair Base – Idiosyncrasy Natasha
Dress – LelutkaRaven
Jacket – LelutkaPostal
Pants and knee pads – LelutkaMithra
Boots – SlinkWhitney
Shoes – J’sPlatform Pumps

Love, Actually

Every Christmas, I watch Love Actually and have a really good happy cry. Being a single mum means being a superhero, and mostly badass, cos I dont have the luxury of saying “wait till your father gets home” My watching of this movie, and letting myself get immersed for 2 hours every year has become something of a ritual for me. I have been spoilt rotten both in sl and rl this year, it being my first Christmas with my family for 14 years, and Mini Ash’s first family Christmas ever.

I’m showing some of the sl gifts I was so lucky to receive. It must be hard to buy for our group, knowing that not only are we hardcore shoppers, but also cos we blog, we already have a shiltload of stuff. We somehow muddled through (le sigh :P) and got each other some great gifts. We have all been rocking the nails from Mandala, I blame that Whimsy and her accessories addiction, it’s starting to rub off on me. After seeing the vendors ads on the feed a few months ago and getting sidetracked searching for one of the poses used, I had forgotten it was a store I wanted to check out. So when we landed there and I saw what is prob my fave sl ad of all time I squeed. The pieces are so beautiful and well made, you’ll want to own them all. The jacket is a terrible generous group gift from Muism, that our Sileny rocked so epicly on FS, theres a guys and girls version, so hurry and grab it before it poofs from notices. The dress is from a new to me store LP Designs. It’s the perfect mini dress and you could totally throw some leggings or jeans under it to dress it down.

Once upon a time, I had a folder full of clothes from Viva La Glam, it has vanished into the ether, but the store hasnt. And lucky you, theres a wee sale going on too, till January. I got loads while I was there, but was sad to see old stock wasnt out, cos I would have re-bought everything I lost. I had the best jeans, overalls and dresses……wah! Anyhoo, enough whining from me, I have to get ready for family xmas part 2, The Revenge Of The Evil Brother :p Ash Out.

Pic 1
LP Designs
Pic 2
Mr Sigmund

Now That I’m Settled

So I’ve had builders in, or rather I’ve been sitting around waiting for the builders to show up. In Aus, I always knew whoever was doing work on my house, because 9 times out of 10, it was one of the boys from our group of friends or someone they knew. So, there was never any let downs or not showing up, even if it was just to change a lightbulb for me (I are the small :P) Having only just moved back to London, I’m dealing with unknown entities, like Excuses Builder, Not Showing Up Builder, and my all time fave Completely Full Of Bollocks Builder :) So I’ve gotten rather behind on my blogging, and this is my first catch up post.

I based this look around the most amazing necklace from my favorite jewelery maker of all time. Get yourself to P/A and check out the newness. I loved this store back when it was called kiki’s Closet, I had never understood the point of SL Jewelery until then. And seeing as we had our first snow in London yesterday, I felt the need to layer my avatar, much as my rl self is layered. Starting with a tank from, with a classic white shirt over it from Apple May and some awesome jeans from SK Designs.

The beautiful jacket is an old 50L friday treasure from a few weeks ago courtesy of Niniko. It has multiple attachment points, which is such a bonus, especially when wearing jewelry or other attachments. And on that note, it’s back to PS I go, to process the 45675986759687 pictures I should have done already by now :P Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy Justice
Fanfucking Amazing Necklace
Peturb Action
Apple May Designs
SK Designs
Surf Co

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