Once upon a time, there was a group of fresh faced sl-ers, back when clubs and dancing in sl were the shit. We all hosted or DJ’d at various clubs round the grid, making money to pay for uploads (in my case) or practicing torturing prims, in the case of Anuitka Barthelmess and Zara Yip. Back when Voodoo was the place to be, Zara managed the club, Annuitka and I hosted, Jester and Karr DJ’d, and Kenlee was the long suffering PR type person.

What a difference nearly 3 years makes. We’ve all moved on to do the things we love, and you can really tell Anuitka loves what she does. Kraftika has gone from strength to strength. You will find some gorgeous pieces at the store and at the Jewelery Fair. The stunning necklace 133 is a standout for me, it’s the perfect statement piece for that special occasion.

The bangles are out of this world. You have a million choices of stacks, colours, thickness. I chose the 304 bracelets for this post, I just love them. The ring, unfortunately can’t be bought. Anu made it for me years ago, as practice, and it’s something I really hold dear. Just putting it on reminds me of those first days in our SL, and reminds me that there are eleventy twelve billion reasons I have stayed, and most of those reasons have to do with the people. Ash Out.

Kraftika-NO 133 Necklace, NO 304 Bracelets, Ashia’s Golden Ring (not for sale)
Idiosyncrasy-Lucy Makeup 4 Sunkissed

The Independent

The weather is heating up – at least in the northern hemisphere – and I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to go to more concerts in the summer. My favorite type of concert to attend? Outdoor indie rock shows! And my first outfit to blog happens to a) be my absolute favorite outfit and b) represent exactly what I’d wear to one of these concerts.

Since most concerts I attend occur in the evening hours, and it tends to get chilly as the night wears on, I’m wearing a jacket, which makes it both slightly dressier and definitely adds to the stylishness of the outfit.

– Ashia Designs
, custom
Hair – ETD, Charley in Honey
Necklace/Locket – Coquette,
Piracy in Silver
Jacket – AW Design,
Shirl Business Suit in Black
T-shirt – Armidi Limited,
Distant Hearts Tee in Green
Jeans – League,
Drrty Jeans in Grunge
Shoes – Akeyo,

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