One of my favorite stores on the grid at the moment is SHI, amazing latex, fantastic boots and the prices, well they can’t be beaten.

The incredible “Tyrant” boots are the latest release, and they’re 10 shades of win. Fully scripted, you can choose to be posed or have sounds on/off. They needed a super fierce outfit to do them justice, so the only choice for me was the “Eclipse” in ruin.

The outfit comes with the prim attachments to make a jacket, but looks just as good without as shown here ;P

I totally drove Sasy insane looking through my inv for suitable hair, I spent so much time looking at that screen, I hadn’t realised what Sasy was wearing. As soon as I looked up I was like WANT. The amazing “Easy” hair from Red Queen was really the perfect hair. Check out RQ and SHI when you have the chance, both have amazing stuffs. Ash Out.

Outfit and boots

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