Meet Leda

Last, but by no means least…Leda! 1 more sleep to go and these babies are released, and I for one can’t wait. The girls and I have been playing around with different looks, head shapes, hairs and even eyes. It’s been so much fun, sitting next to each other, wearing the same heads but looking completely different. Continue reading “Meet Leda”

Meet Ever

Ever is the second head I chose to show, equally as beautiful as Aria. For this shot, I toned the makeup right down so the true beauty of the head and skin appliers show. I cannot wait for all the makeup options to be released, I’m sure there will be absolute showstoppers! Continue reading “Meet Ever”

Meet Aria

Yesterday was the day I had been waiting for, for quite awhile. The day to get me out of my blogging funk and get truly excited! This was the day I finally got my hands on the coming soon Lelutka Mesh Heads.

The only issue for me was choosing which one to show first, and as it was nearing midnight my time Sasy sent me off to bed to sleep on it lol. Continue reading “Meet Aria”


I originally did this pic because I’m having so much fun playing with mesh avs, but hell, why not blog it too. I needed a break from everyone in my house telling me “theyre sexy and they know it” and being chased round the kitchen while trying to cook with someone yelling “girl lookat that body…I work out”. I swear I live in a fucking frat house :P So, this post comes to you from my bedroom, where it’s peaceful and pretty, and totally lacking in budgie smugglers!

The beautiful avatar is from Beetlebones…fatpack it, you’ll regret not having all the colours if you dont. The boob covering hair is from Burley, and works perfectly, what with centaurs not being big on the clothes and such.

And here’s the video that has brought the lols for the last couple of days…WARNING: It causes untold amounts of hornyness and you may have an uncontrollable urge to hunt down vintage Ron Jeremy videos :P




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