The Strand @ Hair Fair 2010


One of the best things about Hair Fair, and indeed any large fashion event, is the treasures you find, that may be either new to you, or entirely new full stop. The Strand is one of those treasures.

Strand @ Hair Fair 2010
Blossom in Sandy Blonde

The designer has a small, but perfectly executed selection of styles. Blossom is the fashionista coiff. I chose to dress it down this time, but throw on a cocktail dress and some statement earrings and you’re good to go!

Strand @ Hair Fair 2010
Jackie in Sandy Blonde

Jackie is super cute, the braid as a headband is so adorable. The fringe is perfect, not too heavy and not too feathered.

Strand @ Hair Fair 2010
Sammie in Ash Blonde

And finishing with my absolute fave, Sammie. I absolutely love bakerboy hats, and this one has the perfect jaunt over one eye. You get a wide choice of fabrics and colours, so you’ll definitely find something for every outfit. Speaking of outfits, I bought this sweater probably a year ago…then promptly lost it. I only re-discovered it when doing a feverish inv clean before Hair Fair started. But everything old, is new to someone right! Ash Out.

The Strand @ Hair Fair
FFX Hibiscus Isabella – What Sarah Said
Skins Flicks Cascade Sweater in Beige
PlastikSkiinah in Dirt



For ages I’ve been complaining I have nothing to wear, hence the challenges set by my fabulous friends. This week’s challenge is to spend no money, as I worked out that I’ve spent over 200USD over the last couple of weeks. However, I still have to finish my boy posts, of which I have a few lined up. I needed a girly break, and also getting ready for skin fair doesnt quite work in a boy av :P

Before I moved to London, a lovely lady by the name of Delicious contacted me and asked me to take some pics of her. I was very flattered and set about doing just that. She again contacted me recently to check out a store owned by Seville Furse, FurseTri. I spoke with Seville at length about her store, her design goals and hopes for the future. I found a few can’t live without pieces, Dirty Rich shown above is my fave. It reminded me of that iconic shot of Grace Jones from the 80’s, all rawr and powerful. I chose the Imani skin from Laqroki to pair with it, and some drop dead stunning glasses from Prim Optic. The boots are from Anexx, my first foray into their shoe store to be honest.

The Best Overall, shown above in blossom won my heart for the cute factor. I love overalls in SL, having somewhat of a feverish collection of them! Seville has made a great start, and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Dirty Rich-FurseTri
Imani in Cocoa-Laqroki
Prim Optic

Pic 2
Best Overall-FurseTri
Mia-Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)

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