Shadow Play

Yes, yes, I’m totally late to the shadow party, and to viewer 2. I’ve staunchly refused to even look at viewer 2 after being completely petrified when trying a very early version of it. You know the one, it put you in clothes you had deleted months ago, fucked up your inv beyond all recognition and left you ghosted for hours. But, having been tantalised by both Newdoll‘s and Sasy‘s photo streams, I knew it was time to bite the bullet. I dont do well with change at all, I emoed and whined till 1am my time, while Mel and Sasy held my hand through various crashes, viewer changes and driver updates. I’m quite sure Mel only came into our skype chat cos Sasy was sekretly begging him to rescue her from the crazy that was me :P We discovered that Kirstens totally doesnt work for my setup, but viewer 2 did, and beautifully too. It’s gonna take me quite some fiddling until I find settings I’m in love with, but for now, Berry’s windlight setting for shadows and the LL default sky have given me the best results.

Shadow Practice 3

I’m wearing the latest release from Kouse’s Sanctum, a store I’ve loved for years, and blogged to pieces when I wrote for Freestyle. The Suzie dress is a gorgeous, retro print summer dress that can be worn 2 ways. I’m showing the shorter skirt version.

Shadow Practice 2

Wedges are the shoe for the warmer months, and they come in every style you can dream of. One of my favorites from the Shoe Expo was Kookie‘s take on this popular shoe. I like that theyre very easy to match to my skin and they arent full bright. Normally I dont care about full bright or not, but since I’ve been trying to do shadow shots, I’ve found that shadows do not like full bright at all, which rules out another pair of shoes (for this post) I wanted to show as well.

Shadow Practice 1

Weeee, shadows on my face, of the goodly kind!!! Which settings do you love when shooting shadows? And has using shadows made your blogging harder or easier?

Dress – Kouse’s SanctumSuzie
Shoes – KookieYannis @ Shoe Expo
Hair – LelutkaRain
Skin – IdiosyncrasyNatasha
Poses – Maitreya


I have a pretty spectacular inventory, after over 4 years inworld and a pretty hardcore shopping addiction I really love the pieces of SL history I’ve accumulated along the way. I’m feeling nostalgic as once again Inventory Episode has hit a milestone. My little blog is 3 years old, and although it’s been terribly neglected for the best part of a year, I do love it so. To celebrate, I thought I would show just a couple of my favorite things from the last 3 years, new and old favorites.

VR 2

In 2009, LeLutka put on a huge and quite incredible fashion show, Fashion Experiment. I was lucky enough to be invited, though due to timezone bullfuckery I couldnt attend. I did spend up a storm though, totally falling in love with all the pieces from that release. Two years later, these releases still hold their own, showing just how ahead of itself as a brand LeLutka was back then. I love the structure of the dresses, the sexiness of the pants, and of course, the military feel of the Postal jacket still rocks my world! Shown above is Raven, that I have beautifuly accessorised with the amazing Harness Gag from VR Foundry. Another product ahead of it’s time, an award winner in ’06, it’s the gag other BDSM aficionados base their own on (albeit surreptitiously…bad bad copy botters). This gag can match any outfit and any avatar as it has the nifty advantage of being modifiable, something Vivian feels very strongly about. As for the features…I’ll let you road test those yourselves :P

VR 1

Postal shown above, ticks all the boxes for me. Pairing them with the Mithra pants was a no brainer, stunning leather, gorgeous fit, and knee pads!!! It also gave me a chance to slip into the beautiful platform pumps from J’s. They are perfection, from the blood red sole to the shape of the platform, love love them. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites as much as I have enjoyed wearing them!

Gag – VR Foundry Harness Gag
Hair – LaqUpdo
Skin & Blonde Hair Base – Idiosyncrasy Natasha
Dress – LelutkaRaven
Jacket – LelutkaPostal
Pants and knee pads – LelutkaMithra
Boots – SlinkWhitney
Shoes – J’sPlatform Pumps

Bella Donna

Other people’s crap, theres nothing worse. Can you tell I’ve spent the morning cleaning my new place? The apartment is gorgy, but the people that lived there previously were grotty, and thats being kind :P Anyhoo, more pics that have been on my flickr for a bit and I’ve been meaning to post.

I was lucky enough to be given a preview of a yummy collab between Donna Flora and Erpla Prieto of Periquita. Bella Donna Poison is a very ornate range of shoes with prim feet such as the ones shown above. They really are beautiful, however, I do strongly urge you to try before you buy as the tinting HUD is quite tricky and I had some issues finding a shade to match my skins. The beautiful outfit is from Ingenue, and was one of my first buys in SL. I recently had to repurchase it, due to overzealous culling of inventory, there was much sadness :P

Still sticking with the retro theme, but a different era this time, my all time favorite outfit from Artilleri. The super cute flats are from Periquita, and made a real change for me as I hardly ever wear flats in SL. I love the shape of these, the pointy toe is just adorable. My hair is a recent release from Kitsune Couture, and it fits this look like a glove. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Bella Donna Poison
Pic 2

Heart & Sole

Another flurry of packing, a quick skim of the feed (I actually got no further than Dakota in a kilt *swoon*), a 4am testing of a posestand and here I am! I actually took these pics last week sometime, but I’m so easily sidetracked atm. I’m also nearly 48 hours without smoking, my doctor is stoked, me not so much. I have thusfar had a killer headache, nausea and dizzy spells. I’m using the E-cig to help me quit, so I’ve lowered my cartridge to the low nicotine version to help combat the dizzy.

A few months back, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Bijoux Lefavre from Heart & Sole. I fell in love with her shoes, and her philosophy of being a designer in SL. Great shoes, which are so easy to tint to your skin tone at a very very affordable price. So affordable in fact, I think I bought every pair of boots this lady has ever made, on a single visit to her store. I’m also showing something that had me tickled pink, a necklace from Silent Sparrow. Hya makes me happy, and Hya jewelery makes me even happier.

Morrigan from The Black Canary also makes me very happy, his creativity has me in awe everytime I speak to him and mostly I’d like to shrink him down to mini size so I could pocket him and carry him round the grid :P I love the effortless flowing between genders in all his creations, Justice is a die hard fan of Morri’s boy ensembles and carries them really well. I like both, and mix alot of the more girly tops with masculine pants. Shown here with another pair of shoes from Heart & Sole, for a feminine touch. Back to packing now then off to get my whirlwind of a daughter from school. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Heart & Sole
Silent Sparrow
Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)
Pic 2
The Black Canary
Heart & Sole
Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)


At a time of year when I would usually be hitting the beach, and complaining about the unbearable heat, I am instead wearing 43698745684567 layers of clothing and unable to move my fingers properly cos I’m so sodding cold. This English weather is gonna take some getting used to, and Winter hasnt even started properly yet.

So in honour of my freezing my real ass off, I thought I would show off the scrummy warm clothes my av has been wearing for the last couple of days. The look started with the awesome new cardigan from Bare Rose, Usakko. You get blue,brown,green,grey and pink in the pack, insane value, and it’s so warm and cuddly looking!

Of course the perfect hair was one of my all time faves from Mirai Style, Fuka. The hat is texture change so you get loads of options, I dont think it left my head for very long last winter :P Aaaaaaaaand the shoes. Sasy had tp’d me to a store months ago called HOC. My vivid memory from that trip was the ridiculously cheap price of all the shoes. My runners, 16 colour change, 40L. Mhmm, that was no typo. For a small selection of the wicked creations you’ll find at HOC, check out their booth at the Footwear Expo. Or you could do an Ash, go to the main store, and buy the lot. Ash out.

Mirai Style
Bare Rose
Idiosyncrasy Justice Is A Snow Bunny (custom I made for a photo Justice was doing, not for sale)

Ooh newness!

Oh today has been soo up there on the awesomesauce scale. I gots to hang out with Noodle, it’s been so long, the timezone thinger sucks pus. We bought all sorts of fabutastic stuff before she dragged me (yes dragged kicking and screaming) to Runoruno to check out the newness.

Shown above is the After Ballet Class Skirt and the Weave Jacket. Yup total yum, and the perfect foil for my Riding Boots from Coco, which I had picked up a few weeks before the Footwear Expo. There are alot of prims, so be prepared for some editing, although Ms Runo is kind enough to not only provide her hip measurements, but also editing instructions for newer players, not bad ay!

Ah my fabulous new Lace-Up Workboots from Coco. They are made of so much bloody win I don’t know where to start. Wear em loose, wear em normal, even wear them with handy dandy denim cuffs so you have an attachment point free for your jeans. Yea, you heard right :P Although I have to say, at 4am, I found the cuffs confuzling, and it was decided by persons other than myself that sleep was needed, mmhm. The skirt is also brand spanking new from Runorono, it’s The Patent Skirt. I’m wearing it with the top of the Silk Dress, which is deliciously sheer, and a purchase I made months ago with Sasy giggling at me in voice. Now back to packing, I’m moving in a few days, and I for one cannot fucking wait. Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)


It’s that time of year again, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. I do so adore shoes, even though if you run into me shopping I’m more than likely barefoot!!

You must have tried the shoes from Kalnins? An amazing array of options via the really easy to use HUD, making your shoes extremely customisable. The pair shown here are called Dragoness, and fierce they are! The prices are terribly reasonable for the quality you get, and as I said, I really love the HUD.

My jeans are from Glow Studio, yea they make clothes too! They are completely ripped to shreds, but never fear oh modest ones, you gets tights to wear underneath :P The trench is of course from Aoharu, and is the total yum. So many more amazing shoes to show, I’d better get a move on! Ash Out.

TP Here For Shoefair
Read The Official Shoefair Blog Here.

Wavy Trench-Aoharu
Studio 92-Glow Studio
Olive-Gurl6 (retextured)
Idiosyncrasy Justice (unreleased)

Shoe Fair


Shoe Expo 2009 starts this weekend!

From now until December 2nd there is a Flickr Photo Contest for all to participate in.

Anyone may enter the Flickr Contest, with as many pictures as they like, wearing any shoes that they like.

*Only photos submitted between 18th November to 2nd December at midnight slt will be considered eligible.

*Deadline for entry is midnight on December 2nd 2009

*You may enter as many photos as you’d like

*One photo will be selected by a panel of Footwear Expo staff

*Winner will be announced on 6th December 2009 during the final day of the Expo

*Please include SL avatar name in the description of the photo

*Photos should reflect both themes: shoes + winter wonderland/holiday

Have fun! Kick it with some fabulous shoes and show us your photo skills!

The prize package for one lucky winner includes :

* Dove Swanson [LAP] Long Awkward Pose

* aDORKable Poses

* Tillie’s Posestand

* Serenity Mercier’s AMS PhotoStage

* Idiosyncrasy Skins – Fatpack of choice in one tone from the store

* VR Foundry Professional Photo Studio and HUD

* Olive Juice Poses- Exclusive Pose Pack, Group Pose and Pose set

* 2000L from What’s New SL

2008 Submission
2008 Submission

For more info click HERE to also keep up to date with what is occurring during the 2009 Shoe Expo

*Contact Rosie Shark if you wish to donate prizes for this and other events at the fair.

Shoe Whatsit

Well the lag was out of this world!!! But I did manage to spend spend spend!! I thought I’d show my favorite buys so far.

shoe expo_001

These boots are to me the most interesting find of the expo. They are perfection plus and the fact that I can leave footprints appeals to me like woa!! They have a nifty resize script, so fitting them is a breeze. You’ll find these at the Lazy Places booth at the expo.

shoe expo_004

While you’re there, pick up these babies too!! You can choose which footprints you’d like to leave behind, and the claws are retractable!

shoe expo_003

Sticking to the stomper theme, I picked up these Russ boots from the Curious Kitties booth. Love em!

shoe expo_007

And finally, these babies from Unique Needs. The Vengence Mary Janes are a spin off from Anne’s Dolly Goth shoes. I love them because of the lack of invisi prims, so no weirdass pictures, or clashing alphas and such. And at only 150L, are my bargain of the Expo!
Ash out <33

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