Part 2

I did warn there would be a part 2 to my shopping spree!!! This post has been sitting in drafts for a bit, the weather here has been so lush, that sitting inside to finish writing was not appealing to me at all. However, with so many prettys to show, I knew it was time to pull my finger out :P

circle2-1 copy

I love love this tunic from So Many Styles! From the fit, to the texture it suits me down to the ground. Although it’s long enough to be worn as a dress, with some smexy heels, I dressed it down this time with some awesome skinny jeans.

circle2-5 copy

Absolution is a new to me store, and this cute little plaid dress won me over. A quick warning though, there are no glitch pants included, the dress is on the jacket layer only. You do get 2 different lengths of skirt, and an alpha layer included if you prefer to use that instead of fiddling with sculpty modification.

circle2-4 copy

Linen pants are just so summer nights to me. Cool and comfortable after a long hard day at the beach or by the pool. I paired these ones with a stunning top from The Sea Hole, which again includes an alpha layer.

circle2-8 copy

Last but not least, the most adorable girly dress ever!! This one is from Priss. The soft pink is just beautiful and I adore the flower detailing. This brings me to the end of this particular shopping spree, my Milk Motion one is next :P

Pic 1
Top – So Many Styles @ The Circle Project – Asy Tunic
Jeans – So Many Styles @ The Circle Project – Denim Light Blue
Hair – Elikatira – Blind
Skin – Idosyncrasy – Natasha

Pic 2
Dress – Absolution @ The Circle Project – Summer Plaid Dress
Hair – Elikatira – Vivid
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha

Pic 3
Top – The Sea Hole @ The Circle Project – Elio Blouse
Pants – So Many Styles @ The Circle Project – Linen Pants
Shoes – Maitreya Gold – Salience
Hair – LeLutka – Inverted
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha

Pic 4
Dress – Priss @ The Circle Project – Florenciana
Shoes & Stockings – Maitreya Gold – Salience
Hair – Junwave – Cecily
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha

Pose & Props
Decor – LISP Bazaar – I’m Late Set, Floor Mirror with Lanterns, Lullaby Broken Clock
Poses – KS2Cool, Maitryea


It’s half term here already, so minime is driving me batty and making me laugh all at the same time! Speaking of time, mine’s kinda limited so this is a super quick quickie.


Another post featuring old and new faves, the shoes being the new part! Fatpacking the newest release from G Field is a must for an array of gorgeous colours to match any mood. The top and skirt are my “go to” staples that I have worn again and again over the years. Enjoy!

Top – Indi DesignsBrianna
Skirt – PlastikSkiinah
Shoes – G FieldOpen Boots
Hair – LeLutkaBiggest
Skin – IdiosyncrasyNatasha

Because I like the name of the store!

This is my second summer in the UK, and inevitably I end up longing for Bondi Beach, coffee at Curious Cafe, salads at No Names and picnics at Tamarama. There isnt a cafe lifestyle here, and I really miss taking minime for a baby cino and always finding someone to chat with. It’s around about this time that I find myself drawn to stores in SL that remind me of home, if not with their content, with their name. Tram is one such store.


Such gorgeous, whimsical clothes, all slouchy socks scuffed knee cuteness. The Piping Shirt and Necktie remind me of spending a long day at work, then coming home and leaving a clothing trail down the hallway to the bedroom. My first shot captures Ash halfway through that process :P


This cardigan is the perfect cover up for chilly spring/summer nights. There are great texture choices, all very resonably priced. The shorts are from Kitties Lair and omg are they sexy. Get the pack and you’ll see what I mean!


The hair is a lovely group gift from Tram (other gorgeous styles are upstairs in the store). My skin is Natasha – Hayfever. Red nose from blowing it, and rosey cheeked from catching the sun. It was my Skin and Shape Expo skin, but I may put it out at a reduced price if theres enough demand for it. Also, check out my store for a couple of awesome photo filter skins, sepia and black & white. I’ve set them out for 10L, so grab em if you didnt get a chance to get them from the expo.

Pic 1
Dress/Shirt – Tram – Piping Shirt
Tie – Tram – Necktie
Shoes – Maitreya – Allue Sock
Hair – Tram – A330 Hair
Skins – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha Hayfever

Pic 2
Jacket – Tram – Collar Long Shirt
Tank – Dumpster – Ribbed Tank (part of the Jean Shorts and Tank set) The owner is taking an sl break, and I cant find the store inworld.
Shorts – Kitties Lair – Santa Monica Torn Hotpants
Shoes – Maitreya – Allue Sock
Hair – Tram – A330 Hair
Skins – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha Hayfever

Shadow Play

Yes, yes, I’m totally late to the shadow party, and to viewer 2. I’ve staunchly refused to even look at viewer 2 after being completely petrified when trying a very early version of it. You know the one, it put you in clothes you had deleted months ago, fucked up your inv beyond all recognition and left you ghosted for hours. But, having been tantalised by both Newdoll‘s and Sasy‘s photo streams, I knew it was time to bite the bullet. I dont do well with change at all, I emoed and whined till 1am my time, while Mel and Sasy held my hand through various crashes, viewer changes and driver updates. I’m quite sure Mel only came into our skype chat cos Sasy was sekretly begging him to rescue her from the crazy that was me :P We discovered that Kirstens totally doesnt work for my setup, but viewer 2 did, and beautifully too. It’s gonna take me quite some fiddling until I find settings I’m in love with, but for now, Berry’s windlight setting for shadows and the LL default sky have given me the best results.

Shadow Practice 3

I’m wearing the latest release from Kouse’s Sanctum, a store I’ve loved for years, and blogged to pieces when I wrote for Freestyle. The Suzie dress is a gorgeous, retro print summer dress that can be worn 2 ways. I’m showing the shorter skirt version.

Shadow Practice 2

Wedges are the shoe for the warmer months, and they come in every style you can dream of. One of my favorites from the Shoe Expo was Kookie‘s take on this popular shoe. I like that theyre very easy to match to my skin and they arent full bright. Normally I dont care about full bright or not, but since I’ve been trying to do shadow shots, I’ve found that shadows do not like full bright at all, which rules out another pair of shoes (for this post) I wanted to show as well.

Shadow Practice 1

Weeee, shadows on my face, of the goodly kind!!! Which settings do you love when shooting shadows? And has using shadows made your blogging harder or easier?

Dress – Kouse’s SanctumSuzie
Shoes – KookieYannis @ Shoe Expo
Hair – LelutkaRain
Skin – IdiosyncrasyNatasha
Poses – Maitreya


I have a pretty spectacular inventory, after over 4 years inworld and a pretty hardcore shopping addiction I really love the pieces of SL history I’ve accumulated along the way. I’m feeling nostalgic as once again Inventory Episode has hit a milestone. My little blog is 3 years old, and although it’s been terribly neglected for the best part of a year, I do love it so. To celebrate, I thought I would show just a couple of my favorite things from the last 3 years, new and old favorites.

VR 2

In 2009, LeLutka put on a huge and quite incredible fashion show, Fashion Experiment. I was lucky enough to be invited, though due to timezone bullfuckery I couldnt attend. I did spend up a storm though, totally falling in love with all the pieces from that release. Two years later, these releases still hold their own, showing just how ahead of itself as a brand LeLutka was back then. I love the structure of the dresses, the sexiness of the pants, and of course, the military feel of the Postal jacket still rocks my world! Shown above is Raven, that I have beautifuly accessorised with the amazing Harness Gag from VR Foundry. Another product ahead of it’s time, an award winner in ’06, it’s the gag other BDSM aficionados base their own on (albeit surreptitiously…bad bad copy botters). This gag can match any outfit and any avatar as it has the nifty advantage of being modifiable, something Vivian feels very strongly about. As for the features…I’ll let you road test those yourselves :P

VR 1

Postal shown above, ticks all the boxes for me. Pairing them with the Mithra pants was a no brainer, stunning leather, gorgeous fit, and knee pads!!! It also gave me a chance to slip into the beautiful platform pumps from J’s. They are perfection, from the blood red sole to the shape of the platform, love love them. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites as much as I have enjoyed wearing them!

Gag – VR Foundry Harness Gag
Hair – LaqUpdo
Skin & Blonde Hair Base – Idiosyncrasy Natasha
Dress – LelutkaRaven
Jacket – LelutkaPostal
Pants and knee pads – LelutkaMithra
Boots – SlinkWhitney
Shoes – J’sPlatform Pumps

Something Old

It’s the second anniversary of Inventory Episode this month and I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane. The dress shown is one of my all time favorites, and was at the time a freebie from the talented creator behind Slow Kitchen. Nothing has lasted so long in my inv, bar my precious Last Call collection of goodies that I could never part with. Everything else is fair game and I make Sasy weep when I delete without even trying on!

The dress is still perfection in my eyes the perfect amount of swish and lace without being over the top girly. It’s the kind of thing you could throw over a bikini and head to Bondi wearing, then dress it up with heels for a nightime BBQ.

Having not bought hair for an eon, when I saw this little baby on Sasy’s blog I had to have. Tgcy, is beautiful, the scarf is amazing and colour change. My only complaint about Mirai is the blonde, I really would like a different texture/colour for the blonde tones. I’ll admit it, I’m a blonde snob, it has to be perfect, or it can end up looking ashy, or worse orange. Having been a colour technician once upon a lifetime ago before mini Ash came along, tone of blonde hair is very important to me.

Ohh baby has new shoooz! Platform sole? Check. Ridonkulously high heel? Check. Adorables ankle socks to add to the cute? Check and mate. Get yours from Pixel mode in 5486745674 different colours. So there you have it, something old, something new…Happy Birfday Inventory Episode, it’s been a fucking crazy ride! Ash Out.

Mirai Style
Slow Kitchen
Pixel Mode
SLC & Adorkable

Now That I’m Settled

So I’ve had builders in, or rather I’ve been sitting around waiting for the builders to show up. In Aus, I always knew whoever was doing work on my house, because 9 times out of 10, it was one of the boys from our group of friends or someone they knew. So, there was never any let downs or not showing up, even if it was just to change a lightbulb for me (I are the small :P) Having only just moved back to London, I’m dealing with unknown entities, like Excuses Builder, Not Showing Up Builder, and my all time fave Completely Full Of Bollocks Builder :) So I’ve gotten rather behind on my blogging, and this is my first catch up post.

I based this look around the most amazing necklace from my favorite jewelery maker of all time. Get yourself to P/A and check out the newness. I loved this store back when it was called kiki’s Closet, I had never understood the point of SL Jewelery until then. And seeing as we had our first snow in London yesterday, I felt the need to layer my avatar, much as my rl self is layered. Starting with a tank from, with a classic white shirt over it from Apple May and some awesome jeans from SK Designs.

The beautiful jacket is an old 50L friday treasure from a few weeks ago courtesy of Niniko. It has multiple attachment points, which is such a bonus, especially when wearing jewelry or other attachments. And on that note, it’s back to PS I go, to process the 45675986759687 pictures I should have done already by now :P Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy Justice
Fanfucking Amazing Necklace
Peturb Action
Apple May Designs
SK Designs
Surf Co

Bella Donna

Other people’s crap, theres nothing worse. Can you tell I’ve spent the morning cleaning my new place? The apartment is gorgy, but the people that lived there previously were grotty, and thats being kind :P Anyhoo, more pics that have been on my flickr for a bit and I’ve been meaning to post.

I was lucky enough to be given a preview of a yummy collab between Donna Flora and Erpla Prieto of Periquita. Bella Donna Poison is a very ornate range of shoes with prim feet such as the ones shown above. They really are beautiful, however, I do strongly urge you to try before you buy as the tinting HUD is quite tricky and I had some issues finding a shade to match my skins. The beautiful outfit is from Ingenue, and was one of my first buys in SL. I recently had to repurchase it, due to overzealous culling of inventory, there was much sadness :P

Still sticking with the retro theme, but a different era this time, my all time favorite outfit from Artilleri. The super cute flats are from Periquita, and made a real change for me as I hardly ever wear flats in SL. I love the shape of these, the pointy toe is just adorable. My hair is a recent release from Kitsune Couture, and it fits this look like a glove. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Bella Donna Poison
Pic 2

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