Milla Makes An Entrance

Short and sweet today. League released her long awaited Lelutka appliers last night and we couldn’t be more excited! Justice especially has been waiting ever so patiently and we’ve been stalking Nina’s Flickr for any sign of a preview/announcement. Continue reading “Milla Makes An Entrance”

Au Revoir Mayfair

Parting is such sweet sorrow, for today we say goodbye to a real piece of SL history. Mayfair closes it’s doors today, and with it, Celoe and Mon Tissue. I remember Sasy showing me the sim when it first opened, I also remember me saying “Damn, I need a new graphics card!” It was beautiful, a first and a triumph in mesh. Even now, most of the gorgeous pictures I favourite on Flickr are taken on this amazing sim. I still haven’t mastered location shots to my satisfaction, but if Mayfair were to stick around I swear I would! Continue reading “Au Revoir Mayfair”

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