Bandana Day!

It’s that time again!!! Remove your hair to show you care today, on our annual Bandana Day.

Bandana Day 2010

Shown here are but a few examples of the amazing bandanas you can pick up from Hair Fair.

Bandana Day 2010

It really is quite amazing to see what everyone does with their bandana kit, it’s something I look forward to every year!! 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these one of a kind creations goes to Wigs For Kids, who sent a rep inworld the other day, to see just what it is we do here in SL :)

Bandana Day 2010

I love this pearl and lace concoction from Flair…I feel very vegas! Also, there’s just a few hours left to grab your copy of a limited edition pre release Sonja skin. There was some confusion yesterday, as I had called it makeup…not thinking that now with viewer 2, people sell makeups by themselves :P It’s a pack of skins, in all tones, with all brow, cleavage and hair base options at a bargain price. Grab yours before they disappear into my inv!!! Ash Out.

Limited Edition Skin

Hair Fair

Sonja – Idiosyncrasy

Limited Edition Makeup

Limited Edition makeup

To celebrate the release of Sonja this weekend, I’ll be making 50 copies only of this makeup available to purchase at a discounted price. The pack will contain all tones, cleavage, brow and hair base options! Remember to take your box after purchase <3
Available now (9am slt) for the next 24 hours


The Future Is Sn@tch

The first of my series of posts for the amazing 2010-The Future Is Now event. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat, along with Eden and Jussy. There were some absolute stunners, and it was incredible to see everyone thinking outside the box.

future5 copy1

As soon as this came down the runway, Jussy and I were all WANT. Then when we realised it was created by Ivey as Sn@tch‘s contribution, we were DOUBLE WANT. The avatar is absolutely stunning in every way. It comes complete with skin, hair, eyes, clothes, and the showstopper tentacles.

future4 copy1

Kali is the Goddess of time and change, and has been flung into the 21st century exqusitely by Ivey. If the future is nipple tentacles, gimme moremoremore!! I wanted Jussy to model for me, cos she totally rocked the av hard. Now I’ve got to catch up with my overflowing to blog folder, a week off is like a month in SL :P Ash Out.

Sn@tch (only available at the Greenies sim)
Ms Infinity

The Dark Side-Part One

Following a few comments on previous posts, I noticed the skins I had chosen struck a chord with readers. Certainly when I started in Sl over 2 years ago, there was a distinct lack of choice when it came to darker skins. That has changed tenfold in the last year, much to my delight. Diversity can be expressed in so many ways here, be it choosing to be goth, neko, furry, or all the above mixed together. So this is the first part of a series showcasing darker skins available now, I’m stoked to say I have many brands to show.

Imani face

We start with the Glow range from Laqroki. I had a few of the portrait skins, purchased very early ’07. I loved them, but for me, the tones missed the mark, the lighter ones anyways. The release of Glow piqued my interest, and I poured over the bodies zoomed all the way in. I loved them. So much so I bought them for myself and Q. The faces were always Laq’s selling point and those first pale ones certainly didn’t disappoint.

kira makeups

I don’t know how I missed the release of Imani and Kira. Maybe the fact that I never seem to get group notices is part of the problem :P They are absolutely gorgeous, and seem to me more grown up than previous releases. The faces are so pretty, and the bodies are amazingly real, without being too real. The highlights are smooth, the shading is yummy, especially around the stomach. Toned but not too muscly.


A good butt is important to me, and Kira and Imani have that covered (or uncovered as the case may be :P) The Glow range is most definitely an option for those wanting photo real without feeling like you’re stepping into someone else’s face. Click on the photos to see them large and on black, on my flicker stream.



And a couple of artsy fartsy pics, cos I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by without a wee bit of PS play. Please gimme a yell in comments if there is a skin you wanna see, or if you’re a skinner with a darker line you would like showcased. Stop by Laqroki and demo away, I really think you’ll fall in love like I did. Ash Out.

Imani & Kira Laqroki Glow
Zobovic @ Hair Fair
Seldom Blue


Honestly, I don’t know where to start with this new release from Ann O’Toole from Unique Needs!! I will say these avatars have been in the works since November of last year, and they are beyond incredible. First we have the Ghost Warrior. She’s a fierce elf who captures spirits, I swear, you can see them move!!!

Ghost warrior

Ghost Warrior

I’ll shamelessly pinch details from the product info, lest I forget any of the pieces that come with this amazing pack:
The package is a complete avatar consisting of a shape for those who do not wish to modify prim attachments,
a purple fantasy skin with top of skull to ankles tribal tattoos
matching skulled, chained, and pierced and plain plasma tattooed elf ears,
Irridescent eye attachments,
a crossed bones nose piercing,
Love Violet Sexnotic Eyes,
A ghostly shirt top and panties for PG wear,
Flying Ghosts Skull Collector Necklace cape and upper wrap combo,
Silver Quad Nipple Chains with dangling flexi chains,
Upper arm spiked skulls armbands,
Ghostly Blade Bracers,
Death Stalker spiked skulled belt with flying ghosts silks,
flying ghost thigh wrap,
Spiked skulled and chained bitchin boots,
a ghostly skulls staff

In addition the package contains some alternative wear options:
Skull Collector Flying Ghosts Cape w/o upper wrap
Skull Collector Flying Ghosts Cape Type II w/o upper wrap
Death Stalker Belt w/o silks
Flying Ghosts Long Silks (Wear with Death Stalker Belt)
Flying Ghosts Medium Silks (Wear with Death Stalker Belt)
Flying Ghosts Loincloth (short)
Silks (Wear with Death Stalker Belt)
Elf Ears w/o adornments

Plasma Spectrum

Next is the Plasma Spectrum avatar. Isn’t it just out of this world! I haven’t done a thing to these pics except crop em, so what you see is what you get inworld. Every tiny detail you could think of is covered, with so many options it will blow your mind. In this pack, the tattoos come on separate layers as well as on the skins. So if you can’t bear to part with your all time fave skin for the night, fear not!! I’d get this for the ears alone! My ear obsession is evident, and now I get to play with brand new ones XD!

I have it on very good authority there will be a goth pack coming soon. I for one can’t wait to see what Ann comes up with next, at least she has a good excuse for not making more of my favorite shoes yet!!!

Ghost Warrior Female
750L @ Unique Needs

Plasma Spectrum Female
1500L @ Unique Needs

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