The Living Dead

I love Halloween, minime gets to live out her fantasy of being a diva/princess/fairy and I get to be covered in fake blood and wear ripped clothes without someone threatening to put me in the loony bin!

I’ve been like the living dead for the last couple of months, and I’ve had enough blood transfused to put a vampire victim to shame! That doesnt stop me seeking out dead stuff in SL however, and the Living Dead Girl avatar from Deviant Styles fits the bill nicely. I’ve been scooping up loads of bloody, bruised and zombie like stuff, so be prepared to get bombarded :P

Here’s a close up of the gorgeous skin, cos I’m cool like that.

Skin, Hair & Outfit
Deviant Styles




It’s half term here already, so minime is driving me batty and making me laugh all at the same time! Speaking of time, mine’s kinda limited so this is a super quick quickie.


Another post featuring old and new faves, the shoes being the new part! Fatpacking the newest release from G Field is a must for an array of gorgeous colours to match any mood. The top and skirt are my “go to” staples that I have worn again and again over the years. Enjoy!

Top – Indi DesignsBrianna
Skirt – PlastikSkiinah
Shoes – G FieldOpen Boots
Hair – LeLutkaBiggest
Skin – IdiosyncrasyNatasha


Today is a very very good day in Ashland!! Not only are there some scrummy releases from E! Eclectic, but Redgrave has done something I find very interesting, yus we have RP skins!!!

e2 copy

But first, one of the gorgeous dresses from E! I had been looking for a dress just like the Masami dress shown here, for ages. I had originaly wanted to do a seventies kinda look, but the best laid plans always go to waste (read I’m very easily distracted!) I chose the red for this post, but theres a huge range of colours, so youre sure to find your favorite.

e3 copy

So, Redgrave and vampire/RP are not really words one would expect to find in the same sentence, but here we are! Trinity is an incredible release. I went with the Daylight pack, as they required minimal tweaking.

e4 copy

The makeups are absolutely spectacular, and such a departure from the signature Redgrave look…a welcome departure in my book. You really have to see these on inworld, I was totally floored, especially by the teary mascara. There is of course the usual smudgy look, but these tears look so real!

e5 copy

You get 12 makeups in this pack, and a choice of base/bald. Sadly no cleavage option, perhaps thats something that will be added later as you can get “bewbs” for every other tone.


And just for fun, Jussy and me at “dinnertime” hehehe. She’s also wearing a dress from E! It’s called Minami, and is more of a babydoll style, with very sexy spaggetti straps. Now I gotta go clean up, humans are such messy creatures when you have them for dinner over for dinner :P Ash Out.

E! – Eclectic



Ooh newness!

Oh today has been soo up there on the awesomesauce scale. I gots to hang out with Noodle, it’s been so long, the timezone thinger sucks pus. We bought all sorts of fabutastic stuff before she dragged me (yes dragged kicking and screaming) to Runoruno to check out the newness.

Shown above is the After Ballet Class Skirt and the Weave Jacket. Yup total yum, and the perfect foil for my Riding Boots from Coco, which I had picked up a few weeks before the Footwear Expo. There are alot of prims, so be prepared for some editing, although Ms Runo is kind enough to not only provide her hip measurements, but also editing instructions for newer players, not bad ay!

Ah my fabulous new Lace-Up Workboots from Coco. They are made of so much bloody win I don’t know where to start. Wear em loose, wear em normal, even wear them with handy dandy denim cuffs so you have an attachment point free for your jeans. Yea, you heard right :P Although I have to say, at 4am, I found the cuffs confuzling, and it was decided by persons other than myself that sleep was needed, mmhm. The skirt is also brand spanking new from Runorono, it’s The Patent Skirt. I’m wearing it with the top of the Silk Dress, which is deliciously sheer, and a purchase I made months ago with Sasy giggling at me in voice. Now back to packing, I’m moving in a few days, and I for one cannot fucking wait. Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)

Tuli, Tuli, Tuli….And A Wee Bit Of Axel

For days I’ve been running round in this outfit, which is really unusual for me. I’m always changing, futzing, fixing and trying on. But this outfit just feels so right, comfy and me.

The gorgeous, whimsical patchwork top is from Tuli. I first saw it on Sasy, and completely cursed myself for not seeing it in Tuli’s store at The Deck. I have the socks from Pig perma attached to me nowadays, so a cute denim skirt was the perfect match, to show off both. I chose one from Axel that’s been sitting in my bulging Axel folder for awhile, I still have stuff in there from a massive spending spree that I haven’t worn yet…..bad Ash :P

My hair is 10 shades of cute. It’s the Olivia style from Tiny Bird. It was also 1L for Mother’s Day, thanks to Autumn’s generosity. The jeans and top shown here are also from Tuli. The skully top is actually part of a dress, but can be worn separately thanks to clever layering options. My skin, well it’s just perfect for the look and feel I wanted. Erin from La Sylphide is sadly retired, but remains as gorgeous now as it did when it was first released. Maybe it’s time for me to do some srs begging to get it back out there! Ash Out.

Erin-La Sylphide (sadly retired)
Tiny Bird
Tops and Jeans
Denim Skirt

Deepst NV

Finding new stores really gives me a jolt. Now granted, they may only be new to me but I still get soo excited! Such was the case when I was doing the Harajukubox hunt. I was looking for a particular store and was having no luck, till I bumped into the owner of the sim. He gave me a lm to the market place, where I still didn’t find the store I was looking for. I did however find something that made me go squee!

It started with the “Neko” outfit, which I fell in love with for the choice of three tops. After buying everything in the tiny space at harajukubox, it was time to head to the main store.

The “Survivor” outfit grabbed me, held me upside down and demanded my lindens. I gave in willingly, then bought it in the two colours it’s available in, Khaki and black :P You again get 3 choices of tops, and the skirt is so fecking amazing I logged Q in and bought it for her too.

The “Nomada” in black is beyond sexy. The detailing on the pants is something I haven’t seen before, and again I squealed with joy. With all the outfits shown, you get the arm thingers too…….hawt. After I had emptied my pockets in the main store, I went for a wander and came across Issis Bade’s gallery. You NEED to go check it out, also, while you’re at it, look up her Flickr too, made of 100% win. Ash Out.

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