Hair Fair – The Strand & Slink

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Last Year’s Hair Fair produced some amazing new stores. One such store was The Strand. Although Cecilia has been pretty quiet this year, it was so worth the wait for new hair!

hf post the strand

I love hat hair of all kinds, casual, dressy or outrageous. Last Stand, shown above is so beautiful and definitely my favorite of the three styles. It ticks all my boxes and utilises my all time favorite of hats, the mini top.

hf post the strand 2

Buttons is the perfect casual style for cooler nights. Throw on a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater towards the end of a beach party when the sun goes down and the fire comes out. Can you tell I’m homesick!

hf post the strand 3

Polo is more garden party attire. The ribboned ponytail is the perfect touch and very Pretty Woman. I can’t wait to see more from this talented designer, let’s hope she doesnt keep me waiting till next year’s fair!

hf post slink

I look so different today. I was honestly a bit bored of photographing myself, and thought it was time to slip on a different face. My skins are from The Body Co and I’m still working out how to photograph them best, theyre quite tricky to work with tbh. That being said, I think Lavender, shown above and below works really well with the fair releases from Slink.

hf post slink 2

Is this not the perfect example of a so sharp it could cut you bob? It’s called Angel, but it looks kinda devilish to me :P

hf post slink 3

Rebecca is a sweet casual ponytail. I love all the pieces falling out at the front, as RL layered hair totally does towards the end of the work day. Siddean has been so inspired by the fair, she has apparently added 2 extra styles to her booth since I shot these pics…oh yes…I’m so going back for em!

Pics 1, 2 & 3
Hair – The Strand @ Hair Fair 2011 REVIEW
Skin – The Body Co – Orchid
Makeup – The Body Co – Orchid Lush
Top – Royal Blue – House Lounge Body

Pics 3, 4 & 5
Hair – Slink @ Hair Fair 2011
Skin – The Body Co – Lavender
Top – Apple May Designs

Hair Fair Banner 2011

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