Here I am again, 5am blogging FTW!!! Minime has just gotten over a nasty bout of Gastro, which has seen me spend the last 2 days washing every bed set in the house a couple of times over, scrubbing and disinfecting everything in sight and cleaning up projectile vomit….I’m just so fashion :P I’m still trying to get my bodyclock back to normal after waking every couple of hours to hold her hair back for her, hence my shopping and blogging at the weirdest of hours!


My dress is one of the new releases this weekend from The Seahole. If you head to the mainstore before Sunday, you can grab it at a heavily reduced price. I got several colours and theyre all just as beautiful. The hair is just adorable, new from Elikatira. Theres something so cute about braids about to fall out, it’s a style that works incredibly well in SL. This one sports a colour change headband and elastics.


The bags are from House Of Fox, a store I discovered at the Ch1c event. You have to fatpack them, it’s impossible to buy just one! My gorgeous shoes are from Ricielli. I love this store, although I hadnt been there for the best part of a year. The clothes always looked so amazing, but never ever fitted me right, even after modding. Now they have nifty resize scripts which makes it much easier for me to work with the prims. My 2 gripes about the shoes are 1) there are no demos, and 2) there are no fatpacks. Other than that, the textures are outstanding and the choice of colours is great.


I’ve paired the Muse Blouse from The Seahole with another of my LeLutka purchases. The blouse is all floaty chiffony gorgeousness and comes with a matching bangle…yay!

Hair & Skin
Hair – Elikatira – Garden
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha

Pics 1 & 2
Dress – The Seahole – Brushstroke Dress
Socks – Berries Inc – Zombie Popcorn Gift
Shoes – Ricielli – Oxford II
Bag (worn) – House Of Fox – Roman Bag
Bag (on the ground) – House Of Fox – Weekender Bag

Pic 3
Top – The Seahole – Muse Blouse & Bangle Set
Shorts – LeLutka – Soho
Socks – Berries Inc – Zombie Popcorn Gift
Shoes – Ricielli – Oxford II
Bag (on the ground) – House Of Fox – Weekender Bag

Tram, Everglow


My god, just when I think I’m done shopping for a bit, someone goes and releases something I have to have! So this is why, even though I’ve spent over 50k this month, I crept off the other night mid conversation to check out the summer collection at LeLutka.

lelutka 3

This my favorite outfit, the Safari pants are to die for, and as Sasy says, the shirt is a total must have. I’ve shown it here without the pec attachment for a tucked in look, but it looks just as beautiful with. The shorts come in several versions in the folder, scripted, sized, along with several alpha layers. If youre a viewer 2 user you can layer up on alphas. If youre a phoenix, or other viewer user, the alphas are copy/mod, so you can add them to your shoe alphas. So many possibilities!

lelutka 2

I so wanted a new pair of Jeans. I’ve been wearing my Plastik jeans for 2 years, and I was long overdue a change! The Caprica‘s fitted that bill for me nicely, coming with 2 versions in the folder with 3 different kinds of cuffs, so you really get your money’s worth. Oh the cardigan!! I have a RL staple just like it and I’m stoked I can wear it in SL now. The RL version gets me stopped in the street on a regular basis, and the SL version is just as stunning.

lelutka 1

The Soho shorts can be super cute, or super sexy depending on how you choose to wear them….and LOL @ them being called Soho :P I paired them with the Requiem shirt in Ocean, for a splash of colour. I love teal with tans, browns and nudes, it just works so well. The shoes I dont really need to tell you about, I’ve seen them on just about everyone while out and about, for a very good reason. They are the awesome! This is just a small sample of what I picked up, I cant wait to get into mixing and matching!

Skin worn throughoutIdiosnycrasy – Natasha
Hair worn throughoutLeLutka – Biel, Inverted & Rain
All Clothes & ShoesLeLutka
Poses, LeLutka, KS2cool, Tram

Because I like the name of the store!

This is my second summer in the UK, and inevitably I end up longing for Bondi Beach, coffee at Curious Cafe, salads at No Names and picnics at Tamarama. There isnt a cafe lifestyle here, and I really miss taking minime for a baby cino and always finding someone to chat with. It’s around about this time that I find myself drawn to stores in SL that remind me of home, if not with their content, with their name. Tram is one such store.


Such gorgeous, whimsical clothes, all slouchy socks scuffed knee cuteness. The Piping Shirt and Necktie remind me of spending a long day at work, then coming home and leaving a clothing trail down the hallway to the bedroom. My first shot captures Ash halfway through that process :P


This cardigan is the perfect cover up for chilly spring/summer nights. There are great texture choices, all very resonably priced. The shorts are from Kitties Lair and omg are they sexy. Get the pack and you’ll see what I mean!


The hair is a lovely group gift from Tram (other gorgeous styles are upstairs in the store). My skin is Natasha – Hayfever. Red nose from blowing it, and rosey cheeked from catching the sun. It was my Skin and Shape Expo skin, but I may put it out at a reduced price if theres enough demand for it. Also, check out my store for a couple of awesome photo filter skins, sepia and black & white. I’ve set them out for 10L, so grab em if you didnt get a chance to get them from the expo.

Pic 1
Dress/Shirt – Tram – Piping Shirt
Tie – Tram – Necktie
Shoes – Maitreya – Allue Sock
Hair – Tram – A330 Hair
Skins – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha Hayfever

Pic 2
Jacket – Tram – Collar Long Shirt
Tank – Dumpster – Ribbed Tank (part of the Jean Shorts and Tank set) The owner is taking an sl break, and I cant find the store inworld.
Shorts – Kitties Lair – Santa Monica Torn Hotpants
Shoes – Maitreya – Allue Sock
Hair – Tram – A330 Hair
Skins – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha Hayfever

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